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5 of the Coolest Kids at the Coolest Projects Awards

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

The CoderDojo coolest project Award is an ocean of creativity and creativity created by some of the coolest kids from all over the world.

More than 700 a coding 'Ninja' create of 1,000 a project these children of range and creativity is encouraging.

There's a lot to see, learn and inspire from websites to apps, to games, hardware and VR projects.

To allow you to experience some of the clever projects presented on RDS, we interviewed five CoderDojo kids from Dublin, Waco, Lisbon and Brisbane, Australia about their project

Codie Crash Course is made up of three magical 11-year-

Old: Emma Morgan, Ellie MacDonald and Naoise Koppell.

The fun interactive game has been coded by the girls in a small piece.

Using the controller, you manipulate the robot car on the board, 'edit' and earn points by bumping the cone into the target circle.

Three friends also created an html site that came with it.

For two years at DCU for CoderDojo, friends say they like CoderDojo because you can really be creative and create anything you want;

Game sites, apps, and the most important thing is to make a lot of friends.

LISBON, Portugal, 14-year-

Old Miguel created a very impressive speech therapy app.

Inspired by his mother of language therapist, S贸nia, Mateus has developed a game-based language therapy intervention app.

Mateus, who is ambitious in physics and computer programming, said he likes to attend CoderDojo in Lisbon because the atmosphere is good, the people are good, and it is possible to create without spending money. 12-year-

Old Amy Cunningham from Wicklow is on a mission to save the bees.

We rely on bees for 70% of our food production, and Amy's beehives are supporting international scientists to understand why bees die.

Amy's hive has sensors to track bees and share data with the website hivetool. net.

According to Amy, she was the first person in Ireland to use the software.

Join Dunlavan CoderDojo in West Wicklow, Amy with Raspberry Pi and her length-

The word 'ambition' is to continue working to save the future of bees.

Prahlad Wulf has traveled from Brisbane, Australia and won the coolest project award.

This week, he will fly to Copenhagen to meet with the CEO of the world's largest insulin maker to showcase his creation of my world mod, the work teaches children insulin and carbohydrates between type 1 diabetes and blood sugar levels

This is an amazing feat for a 15-year-oldyear-

Old (by the way, 15 on Saturday at the coolest project Award --

Happy birthday to Prahlad! ).

Prahlad attends CoderDojo in Brisbane, praising the CoderDojo campaign for giving him and children from all over the world the opportunity to code.

As for the future, Prahlad wants to be a computer programmer, just like his father.

Peter Reid from Dublin 8 has created and programmed a very impressive 3D printer to print 3D squares and triangles.

Peter's 3D printer, using minestorm Lego and computer programs, attracted a lot of attention from the audience, who were impressed with Peter's creation.

Congrats to all 1,000 cool kids from around the world who participated in the sixth annual cool project awards.

5 of the Coolest Kids at the Coolest Projects Awards

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