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5 Reasons Why Passwords Are Useless

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Past election season

You want you to forget it all now, don't you? )

The item with one of the hottest buttons is.

This is a complicated political scandal that can only be brought to us in the 21 st century. both sides have very strong feelings.

But no matter what your personal idea is, the underlying fact is that someone breaks into one of the most powerful governing bodies in the United States and publishes information with the intention of doing harm to those who are involved.

This should be a major warning.

Call for all of us;

If DNC can be hacked with so little effort, we are in danger.

Let's see what we're counting on at the moment to process our most personal data and how bad we are.

Unfortunately for DNC and anyone with an Internet connection, it is very easy to be the victim of a hacker attack, which is very simple.

Personal information is stolen by hackers, which is a bad day for your average user, but it's a nightmare when you become a front desk

The Democratic candidate.

Especially when you are.

I don't care which side of your support for this issue whether you are against blatant breach of someone's personal correspondence or you feel it is a punishment for someone you don't like.

I hate politics.

The only time I was interested was when I thought someone on TV was complaining about a bunch of 'ticks' and I said to myself: 'Yes, someone should keep an eye on these ticks.

'But what I'm saying is, President.

Elect said on Twitter that he knows another thing about jack squat, because hacking is not a problem with the whole DNC acting carelessly, and you may be surprised to know.

For example, in the famous Podesta leak, a seemingly fake but legitimate Gmail login page was used to steal a user's password.

This '' is quickly becoming the most common way to steal the identity of an email user.

Since the Clinton campaign used Gmail as their email host, the number of sensitive messages being swiped has been staggering.

This shows that you can be one of the smartest political minds in the game, but the email server is actually only as secure as the most naive users.

4 passwords and passwords are not the most familiar passwords among you.

Heck, in order to leave a mean comment below, you might even have used a site that logged into this site.

Now, almost every service you use requires a password.

Most websites and services do not allow you to use simpleto-

Guess the password and instead let you choose a containing at least eight characters with at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and a number or special symbol.

So you can't use 'shrekfan' as a password.

Instead, you'll become more creative and use something like $ hrekF4n to keep hackers away from the smell.

If you don't enter the correct password three times, any bitcoin website will lock you in, which is a good security measure.

But not all websites do.

Hackers know this and they know that most typical users of the World Wide Web will use the same password on a bunch of different sites.

So while your bank site will lock in hackers immediately, other sites may not.

Hackers can guess your password on these less stringent sites and will eventually combine it with your email.

From there, they may have access to everything.

So passwords alone are not enough.

password phrase is similar to a password, just not using letters, numbers, and symbols, but rather making your code a phrase for random words.

These are barbaric.

The force depends on the length.

Take a look at this brightly colored chart, and depending on how complex the password is, it can calculate how long it will take to 'guess' the password.

Passwords sound great in theory, but they have the same problem as most other forms of passwords: users tend to choose something.

Bad guys are easier to guess if you can easily remember.

Unfortunately, since humans are human, passwords and passwords cannot provide the protection needed to protect information security.

So what else? 3Two-

Factors and third

Party certification is like a character in a movie opening a locked door, only to find another locked door behind it, two-

Factor Authentication should seem to be the best option to annoy hackers enough to get them to give up.

Services using two services

Factor authentication requires an additional form of authentication before logging in.

For example, a bank website may send you an email containing the code that must be entered into the web page before fully logging in.

This extra step is great (

If the hacker has not broken your email address yet)

But, usually, you can easily use these webpunk by using the same password on your bank website.

It's like locking the vault in your house when the robber already has a copy of your house key and the key to the safe. Sure, two-

This factor is hard to crack, but not perfect.

Also don't think it's safe to use SMS authentication because it can be just as bad.

Sometimes, just call the mobile provider quickly and provide some very simple information to convince them who you are and you can route the text message to another phone. It may be a -

In the outside case, but the fact is that it can and has already happened, which leaves the two doors open --

Factor certification.

But the problem is not two.

Factor authentication itself, maybe this is just the way it is currently being used.

If you can't trust your email and SMS to deliver your second form of authentication, maybe you can trust the third one --party device.

For example, if you have a game account at Blizzard Entertainment, you have the option to add the so-called 'Authenticator' to your account for additional security.

Again, like the example of email and SMS, this seems to be great in theory.

However, it turns out that these authenticators are easy to get bypassed, just like this is what happened with his Blizzard account.

There's nothing more to hack than the author's real name, but combine it with some Photoshop tricks, that's all it takes to convince blizzard to change the email address on the file and remove the authenticator from the account.

Blizzard is obviously mixing.

In addition to reassuring customers, 15 days of game time is provided.

If you are not a game type, a better example is your place of business and the VPN service they use with keychain authenticator, which you can use to connect from home.

Well, before you think you're better than those game nerds, your company's vpn is also thanks to the heartbreaking bug a few years ago.

Basically, none of these add-ons

The ons that enter the password are reliable enough to be foolproof.

So don't be proud, kid.

With the development of new technology, fingerprint recognition technology becomes weaker and weaker, and the situation may become dim with the state of virtual security.

Passwords can be guessed, humans can make mistakes, and it is very good for hackers to lie in order to get what they want.

But one thing hackers can never take away: your fingerprints!

Unless, of course, they can find some way to physically grab your hand and cut off your fingers, but at this point, it's not just your PayPal account that you need to worry about.

Now that most of your phones and computers have fingerprint recognition built in, apps and services will allow you to set up fingerprint recognition to access your phones, shopping apps, and banking websites.

Although this method is very safe, it is also safe.

James Bond, it seems ridiculous.

But your fingerprints can actually be stolen, 3D models and personal data used to access you.

The password can be changed at any time, but your fingerprint is hardcoded from birth.

So, if you're the one who stole your most recognizable feature from underneath you, you're almost out of luck.

But if you want to be a fingerprint thief without access to a 3D printer or a fingerprint database, you can still wait until someone you want to spoof falls asleep and use their unconscious hands like thisyear-

She was old when she printed it with her sleeping mother's thumb.

When done, reward points if you put your hand in warm water.

The victim was then urinated hundreds of pieces.

Ultimate crime!

No problem with facial recognition. . .

Because living in the future now has its advantages.

Even 20 years ago, the idea that computers were able to identify people sitting in front of it was something you could only see in cheap science --fiction movie.

Today, your Facebook will use the software whenever you upload a new image.

It should scare us, but, hey, no one likes to sit around and tag friends with lots of photos, so I 'd say it's a fair deal.

In more practical applications than Facebook, facial recognition is now used to allow you access to your computer.

Computers that can be used use two separate cameras built into the machine to create 3D images of the face.

This allows you to access the system without using the keyboard.

Facial recognition is a very safe way.

However, just as I managed to make all the other forms of security in this list useless, it gets bypassed and even lets you down directly.

The Xbox Kinect is one of the early adopters of the 'beautiful face noticer' software, and it's not without a problem.

That is to say, Kinect is when you notice the dark facial featuresskinned gamers.

Also, if there is a slight change in your appearance, such as wearing glasses, beards, or adding some weight, because all of these Kinect Sports apps are lying.

This technology has made great progress since Kinect, although it is very difficult to automatically tag you and your friends in uploaded photos by using the same tools used by Facebook.

By using 3D modeling software and Facebook user facial images from several different angles, researchers at Chapel mountain University were able to trick four of the five systems they worked on.

So while this is error-prone, it's surprising that face recognition is one of the most protected forms of security as the technology needed to enhance this type of lock gets better and better.

Even try to cheat Windows Hello!

Use identical twins

pair of twins will register their face in the system and the other pair will try to unlock it.

Windows wins every time until someone wastes time figuring out a way to turn their face into a perfect replica, and I think face recognition is one of the best ways to protect your sensitive information.

Where will all this leave us?

Well, from the security structure in our current Arsenal, when hackers get involved, password and face recognition are the two nuts that are the hardest to crack.

Ideally, if the technology to make more advanced facial recognition software becomes cheaper, then the combination of passwords and facial recognition may be the key to locking in important data.

For example, someone stole your password or it took them 108,000 years to finally be able to crack it.

If it's paired with face recognition, it doesn't matter if they have a password;

In order to unlock the computer, you have to sit in front of the computer.

Is this a perfect system? No.

But that's the essence of hacker technology: getting technology to work in the opposite way.

This means breaking the security barrier to prove that you can.

But before the hacker community breaks a super long password with your face on it, we have to consider that this is the safest password we can get.

Especially when anyone reading this can now get about 20,000 politically sensitive emails that should have been private via Google search.

Now, go out and run for president with confidence!

I have heard that almost anyone is qualified now.

5 Reasons Why Passwords Are Useless

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