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5 simple steps to create a homemade board game

by:Tuowei     2019-08-30
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These days, there are computer games all around us.
From playing mobile phones to iPads and laptops, the choice of games seems to be unlimited.
However, just as people always want to have a physical copy of a magazine or book in their hands, there are some special things about playing live games with family and friends.
A big benefit of doing this is that you never need to rely on battery power in board games!
When making homemade board games, I didn\'t simply make paper models in five minutes.
Making your own board game can actually be a great long term craft project for you and your family and friends, especially in spring and summer.
Or, if the weather is not good, it could be a useful backup idea for children\'s holiday activities.
So, let your imagination guide you, and if you follow these five basics, then you can start to come up with ideas for your own personalized board game today!
Below is a very simple board game concept related to the \"National Museum of Australia\" on YouTube channel.
Two hosts Amanda and Kellie took you through a very simple board game.
Maybe the idea in this video can be extended to your own board game, especially if you\'re designing a game for kids.
Source: EmilyDietle 1.
The original IdeasIt seemed a bit daunting at the beginning of accepting the challenge of presenting a holistic concept for board games.
The trick is to keep the design and goal of the game simple.
First, determine the approximate age range of the game.
This may affect your content and theme, among other issues.
Do you want to design a game for children, adults or the whole family to enjoy? Maybe you want to be more specific and consider the group of teenagers or young adults.
Anyway, once you decide this, many other issues surrounding your game will be easier to solve.
Next, decide the basic premise or theme of your board game.
For example, will the player stop on certain squares to answer questions on the card, or will your goal include making visual patterns to win the game, such as \"ontology and crossover\" in the game or
Or, your game will be a simple \"race finish line\" concept.
If you are creative, then maybe you can already imagine your game concept.
If you are designing board games for kids, then it may be centered around pirate ships or islands, jungle and even farms in the sea.
However, if you are trying to create a concept, think about board games or games you enjoyed when you were a child.
This may give you more inspiration.
Think about how many players your game will promote and what the game clips will actually look like.
For example, are they simple blocks or colors, or are they miniature people or objects at this stage, try to get a full picture of what you want the game to look like and how it functions.
Find more inspiration online, write down your ideas and explore them further.
Credit: Matthews.
Rules every great game needs to have great rules for players to follow, the key is to keep it simple.
In challenging monopoly, if you own the property owned by another player, then you have to pay \"monopoly gold\" for that player\'s privileges \".
Simple ideas like this make the game fun and spontaneous.
Ask yourself how many players your competition will allow.
Consider the minimum and maximum number of potential players.
If the cards are used to answer questions or challenges, then what options are available on these cards, and if your game involves pretending money, how many cards do you need to create, then, does each player assign a specific amount, and if so, these questions will help you start to think of the activity as a \"game board\" for work and operation \", not just abstract concepts in your mind.
Realize your thoughts by writing down your questions and answers.
Once you do, try to make a simple table of rules.
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Check the rules for other living room activities online.
You will find some simple, some more complex.
If you come up with a game that has a lot of rules, that\'s fine.
Just make sure your list of rules is concise.
Use easy-to-understand language, and text with a font size of at least 12.
Credit: earl53 3.
At this point, the prototype of the game and the proof of practice will be that you really want to play with your creations to test it.
This means creating the so-called \"prototype \"[4].
Think about what you really like to call invention.
Of course, it can be frustrating for you to read a list of rules and have great ideas, but not actually practice them.
So this is where you have to be creative and resourceful!
Maybe you have some marbles or candy that you can use as a pawn.
This can be done even with a pen cover or nail polish.
Do you have an old carton (
Such as a grain box)
Maybe you can find other household items that can help you imagine your final product.
Once you\'re happy with your game prototype, engage your family and friends and do some exercises.
Ask them for their input and advice on what works well and what you can improve in the final version.
This will be very useful to you as a game developer as you will understand what works and what doesn\'t.
It may also fire you up and create the final design!
Credit: Collection of DodgertonSkillhause.
Making the final version of your game may seem extreme, but for the more serious game creators among you, there are actually some great, relatively cheap 3D printers [2]
There are also pens on the market.
These can make a series of wonderful game works (
Among countless other interesting things)
You can also become creative with your imagination.
The prices of these products are also declining, as they become more mainstream than when 3D printers first went public a few years ago.
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This 3D pen is perfect for making boards and shapes.
It will also impress your family and friends!
Visit the local craft shops, check out the Internet and even use the pieces in the old board game you never play again.
Please also participate in the design process.
There are a lot of great ways to get creative and design your board so it has a high quality finish.
Type your question for the Q & A card if possible (
If needed)
Also on the computer.
This will give the finished product a more elegant look than you write them down. Credit: madlyn5
Enjoy and save your board game and enjoy the board game you strive to create!
If you \'ve gone so far, it\'s a good job because it takes real effort and time to develop your own board game.
Save it for several years by storing it properly.
Maybe you have an old shoe box that you can put, and even an old platter box.
Keep all your hard work by taking care of them and keeping the delicate structure you may make from crushing or dust.
Share your competitive activities with family and friends, you never know, someone may even ask you to make them a copy of your creation!
The work is hard, but the harvest is great.
There are a lot of templates [3]
For simple and easy-to-use game ideas or more inspiration, it can also be found online.
I hope you have enjoyed these tips and you are now feeling inspired to create your own board game at home this summer!
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