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5 wtf ways the future is about to change movies

by:Tuowei     2019-09-03
As anyone who fights on a power outlet at the airport terminal can prove, computers now control our lives.
When good people give us fun dog videos and porn, bad people try to steal our job.
But while we tend to connect the threat of automation with factory workers and travel agencies, those art types in Hollywood should also sleep with one eye open.
That\'s because. . .
The smart camera is replacing the camera operator. As a camera operator, a stable hand, a group of technical knowledge is required
How, and enough social skills, don\'t anger the director for his unreasonable request to \"shoot it better\"down.
\"We should point out that there needs to be a camera as well.
While advances in camera technology have made it easier for camera operators to work, how easy is it to work before work stops?
If you are a auto worker in Detroit, robot arm is not only a problem.
For Microsoft\'s new Surface Studio solar CIAL, this is a robotic arm that handles all camera movements: rather than relying on crappy people who shake the camera with stupid breathing and pulses, cold, emotionless robots are able to move the camera smoothly and repeatedly to the exact preferences of the director.
This means that each shot will be the same, reaching mm.
Now, this technology is not entirely new. -
Michael J.
Fox\'s three characters were among the first to use a similar technology.
The difference now is that instead of using them to shoot scenes that can\'t be taken physically by humans, we use them for mundane things like TV commercials. Or .
But even KIRA needs the human master to operate.
The next generation of cameras will be filmed with their own icy robotic brain.
Released on 2016, it was the first film.
What\'s the big deal?
Camera operators have been using drones to queue up for tricky photos since wearing T-
The shirt under the sports jacket is stylish.
The important thing is to use a new drone.
The old drone still has humans operating them, deciding what lens looks good and how the camera should move.
Filmmakers, in collaboration with an artificial intelligence lab in Belgium, built drones with the \"film algorithm\" to let the gangsters themselves decide what angles and lights look good and adjust their flight paths accordingly.
With enough research, it is likely that we will see the movies of Steven spiebot, Wes Anderson Borg and Quette Tarantino in the future.
Even if the script is written by a mechanic, as the engineer wants to try, it is impossible to replace all liberal arts majors with a bunch of machines.
Take writer as an example.
Definitely immune to the rise of machine workers, right? Right?
Well, while the bot may never write down one, to come up with garbage like crap, just the toaster tied to the typewriter.
The machine author is here, so you \'d better put your ass on the gear and finish that spec script before it.
In 2016, an independent film producer named Jack Zhang started a company for a Kickstarter called horror film.
He claims that 85% of films don\'t make money because the film companies mess things up and don\'t think about what the audience wants to see, which is a strange criticism, designed to pay the marketing department to receive the art form of the test audience.
In order to re-introduce populism into film production, Zhang decided to enter the plot points of the most popular horror movie into the computer.
The result was \"a grieving mother, who died after the death of her little daughter, in a severe mental illness caused by the supernatural.
\"Oh, the trailer should have a scene with a strip piano and a bathtub.
If it sounds like a mix of every bad horror movie you \'ve seen, that\'s right.
The trailer is at least enough to get Kickstarter fully funded to provide a budget of up to $30,162 for the independent horror film.
Still, we don\'t want to watch horror movies, but it\'s probably easier to convince people that computers can be --
Generate storytelling by looking at the types of more stories-driven. Sci-
Fi could be a step in the right direction, this is for 48-
The London one-hour film festival was created by an artificial intelligence program called Benjamin.
The producer input data from dozens of popular movies into this neural network, and according to the tips given to it, it spits out a complete dialogue script.
Then the producer made a nine.
A minute movie based on Benjamin\'s script: The movie is fun, in an incredible Valley Way.
Most of the conversations can be called \"coherent gibberish\"-
The sentence is grammatically correct (mostly)
But they cannot understand otherwise.
This applies to direction as well: Ironically, for sci-
A movie written by a robot, there is not much science in the plot.
The conversation is mainly about misconceptions, love triangles and disappointing sex.
The film ends in a ridiculous way.
Esque monologue about the regret of losing virginity.
The film is still a bit fascinating, despite being completely nonsense, even if it\'s in a clone --experiment-gone-
Wrong way.
Maybe the problem here is that Benjamin is not doing well.
Maybe its real mission is to be an electronic songwriter: 3 we teach computers to be animators. We \'ve talked a few times before, and how to get into Hollywood these days is a bit like getting into an anchor.
Sell business on sinking deck.
These companies spend so much time weakening each other that they can\'t make a profit at work, resulting in situations like rhythm and Hue, where a VFX company started working two weeks before winning an Oscar.
Naturally, therefore, the industry is working tirelessly to reform to ensure that the works of these artists are properly compensated. Just kidding.
They are trying to replace artists with computers, because they don\'t need it that much except for the lack of temperament.
But can they really extract beauty like visual artists? Yup.
Since we have made progress in Frankenstein
Just like reanimation is frustrating, Microsoft and ING have teamed up to create a machine that can pretend to be dead.
More specifically, Rembrandt.
The computer uses complex algorithms to create a new painting in Rembrandt\'s style.
What we mean is not just that computers generate digital replicas of Rembrandt;
It recreated brushes and textures using a 3D printer.
While it may not be enough to fool an expert, it is certainly good enough for your parents to see it and cancel the payment for your art school degree.
But the potential revolution is not without critics.
Iwata Keisuke, a Japanese animator and president of a popular animation channel, saw projects such as the next one for meat bag animators
Iwata believes that in the near future, computers will be able to compete with humans in terms of creativity and skills, and computers do not have such ridiculous demands as \"compensation\" or \"health care.
\"Miyazaki, director of Studio Ghibli, believes that this AI animation, which we can reasonably call the Emperor of God for animation.
In a demo of AI animation software, the software is used to generate unusual body movements for horror games (
The computer can\'t think of a reason not to use the Avatar 1 feet)
Miyazaki does not waste time saying that he is disgusted and calls the presentation \"an insult to life itself\", which will be a harsh criticism from YouTube reviewers, not to mention the most influential animator ever.
He went on to lament that as we were anxious to find ways to outsource our creativity, \"humanity is losing faith in itself.
\"There is nothing wrong with him.
With a head of 1 feet?
Is that the wave of the future?
A bunch of seconds-
The students came up with exactly the same idea in the last five minutes.
Dear human beings, we still have decades to go.
Film photography can be completed later
From the beginning of the film to the ancient times of the 90 s, there is not much controversy about what the director of photography did.
When the director is busy yelling at the actors, they work tirelessly to make the movie scene look as good as possible, and many of them need to wait patiently for the sun to enter the right place for the perfect lighting.
However, with the beginning of digital film photography, it is increasingly difficult to determine who should accept the Oscar for Best Photography ---
Photography Director or green screen?
There are a lot of Oscar contenders.
All the unbearable art photographers who insisted on making old films made the film. fashioned way.
For example, Quentin Tarantino and film photographer Robert Richardson not only decided to shoot everything with traditional films, but they also shot all the later works
Production work such as color correction using chemical development technology (
Almost all modern films made on film are still Digital. Production work).
Richardson was nominated for Best Photography in 2015 for his work.
However, in 2012, although most of the film was made on a computer, Claudio Miranda won the best photography award.
Although Miranda\'s photography is undoubtedly worthy of recognition, we can also see Richardson\'s view that there is a big difference in capturing beautiful sunsets with suitable lights, lenses, movies, camera settings compared to CG
Sunset later.
But even in shooting, Miranda still needs to do things like focus the camera and shoot with the right lens.
But we quickly turned it into the past.
A new type of camera has been developed that, with science/Magic, can capture holographic images instead of taking flat 2D images like most cameras.
With a normal camera, you will need to re-shoot the same scene using three different focus and aperture settings to take the above three images.
Using Lytro\'s movie camera, all you need to do is take a picture and then tell the computer which parts of the scene you want to focus on and which parts you don\'t need, because it captures images in 3D instead of 2D from a normal camera.
You can also remove or add the background completely from a certain depth, which basically makes even the green screen obsolete.
With the technology of Lytro, film photographers will have to re-learn what is needed for the job.
If we know the greedy studio, the job will ask them to learn how to say \"do you want fries ? \"?
No tears. 1Post-
The production will be done by AIEventually, the movie set will be just tai chi in Tom Cruise\'s basement around the globe, and someone fills the gap three months later.
Except at that time, it is almost certain that someone will also be a computer. Post-
Make, or if you\'re the kind of person who thinks that shooting a student short film will make you part of the show business, \"Post \"(
Or just \"entertainment \")
It contains a lot of different things.
One aspect is the addition of sound effects from T-
Rex roared, and the lightsaber roared at ordinary things such as the rustling of leaves and the closing of doors.
The MIT researchers decided to see if they could be sure.
Screen action, what do you know, it works!
Their small Silicon
The Power editor automatically adds sound effects to a series of video clips, and the human test object cannot distinguish between the work of the computer and the sound recorded in real time.
Editors are also moving towards automation.
It\'s an expensive process of making masterpieces with miles of movies (
Or hundreds of hard drives)
This shows that the same actor has mispronounced 20 times in a row.
Of course, filmmakers are keen to find cheaper ways to do this.
In 2014, a group of researchers working for Disney published a paper they wrote.
By calculating the 3D position of the camera in the scene, the computer is able to determine what the camera focuses on and use this information, as well as some basic rules for film production.
Here\'s a sample of a video shot using a smartphone and GoPros: but it\'s not just about editing your snowboard failure or sex tape.
In 2016, the producers of horror films decided to outsource their trailers to IBM\'s supercomputer, which made champion Ken Jennings look like you skipped when you picked the team at the bar trivia night
Specifically, they want to make it scary, so IBM has to teach Watson fear and what humans are particularly afraid.
Then they fed it the movie and asked Watson to make our pants for us.
This may not be perfect, but for the first attempt, Watson still has a disturbing grasp of what brings absolute success to humanity --jeebies.
So, thanks to us, we now have an advanced computer intelligence that knows how to manipulate human emotions.
But hey, it saves some editors a day of work, so overall it\'s a fair deal.
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