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5000yo iceman mummy ‘resurrected’ by 3d printer (video)

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
\"Ice Man\" Oz, 5000-year-
The mummies found 25 years ago in the Alps were recreated by ancient artist Gary Stubb.
After 3D printing based on CT scans, Staab painstakingly carved and hand-painted resin replicas of ancient humans.
Staab said it was a \"spectacular project,\" noting that the death of the ice man was actually a thousandyear-
Mystery murderThe body of Oz
Kept on ice since the Stone Age.
On 1991, two hikers were found in the Otztal Alps in Italy.
Clothing and equipment including axes and backpacks were also found at the scene.
In 2001, scientists determined that Oz, who had 61 tattoos on him, was killed by an arrow at about 45.
Further analysis of the remains revealed that the man was involved in hand injuriesto-
Shortly before his death, he fought.
CT images of remains are critical for the development of models.
\"When you are able to use scan data instead of analog measurements, the final copy is much more accurate,\" Staab said . \".
\"Rebuilding hands is a challenge because they can\'t be caught in CT scans,\" said Otzi\'s South Tirol Archaeological Museum . \".
Since 1998, his mummy has been preserved at the Archaeological Museum of South Tirol in Borzano, Italy.
One of the new replicas will be touring the United States in October 2017, and the other two will be used for teaching purposes at the Cold Spring Harbor DNA Learning Center in New York.
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