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5G technology explained: It may change the world

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

The contest to launch 5g for mobile users is in progress, but let's figure out something --

This technology will not magically turn the phone in your pocket into a super phone.

Fast wireless miracle gadget overnight.

Optus and Telstra, the two largest telecoms companies in the United States, are leading the world in the 5g field, and at the upcoming Queensland Commonwealth movement, announced the test of their capabilities in a large number of people, it also plans to launch the service to consumers in 2019.

The two telecoms companies have talked about how the technology will be different for individual consumers and big businesses, but let's put the hype aside for the time being and figure out what it really means to you right now.

5g represents the fifth generation of mobile '.

It is based on the current 4g network but promises to provide a higher peak connection speed and a lower delay or time delay.

Due to improvements in radio technology, an increase in radio spectrum allocation, and the use of more antenna stations or base stations than today's networks, the connection speed of 5g will be possible to increase.

Each antenna will serve a smaller area or unit.

Keep in mind that since too many people are using the Web, your text messages will not be sent at the New Year's Eve fireworks, or when you try to play a video at a sports match or concert, will you get a terrible buffer?

5g promises to change this by allowing more people to use higher speeds at the same time.

'This can be the biggest change for most people, because if you're in a crowded environment, you'll find it doesn't work very well.

'If you're in a stadium or something like that, you often find the basic tasks on your phone seem difficult because if a lot of people use their phones at the same time, so now the 4g network is really hard to cope.

'Driverless cars and smart home devices will also rely on 5g because it's almost

Instant speed capability.

This also brings great benefits to the enterprise.

'Every time we bring in new technology, it involves new devices that used to include phones, smartphones and even modems.

'5g will be a new version of these products, but it will also go into devices, machines, cars and sensors. ' No.

First of all, there is no smartphone compatible with 5g.

At the beginning of the year, Telstra's 5g prototype device was the size of a bar refrigerator weighing 200.

Since then, the company has managed to narrow it down to the size of a personal computer.

So it's still not too windy. size.

Telstra and Optus are still in trial phase-

The widespread use of the 5g network is expected to be in 2020.

Telstra claims to have opened the world's first 5g zoneenabled wi-

Fi hot spot in Gold Coast.

Does this mean that I will be using 5g in the game?

Not really.

The trial did not really give locals a real idea of the speed of 5g, since 5g was just really used to move data in the background transfer system. 'Wi-

The throughput of Fi is limited, so in our innovation center, just one hot spot can't reach the limit of 5g, 'said Mike Wright of Telstra.

'By using multiple hotspots, as well as potentially hundreds of smartphone users serving through a single 5g device, we are able to get closer to the real show 5g

'The world environment,' he said '.

In essence, experts say, it just gives people free wi-

Fi while Telstra tests how many people access it in a small, contained environment at the same time, its prototype system works.

Rival telco Optus will showcase its 5g technology at the Olympics, allowing visitors to use it for real sports

Time for virtual reality and remote control robots. Yes.

This is because upgrading to the next generation is not as simple as a software update, and the settings of the phone are different.

'The phone is not easy to upgrade, with the computer, it is always easier to replace some parts and add additional features,' Mr Kidman said . '.

'But because we like our phones to be compact in structure and compact in design, it tends to be very, very integrated, so it needs a slightly different circuit,' he said . '.

It really depends on your needs.

If you're a big data user that relies heavily on fast download speeds, then maybe, but maybe not if you're a regular consumer.

Market watchers believe that there is still about a year before the first 5g compatible phone.

'I'm a tragic geek and I might upgrade to 5g, but I don't think the average consumer would want to do that, I don't think that should be the only reason anyone has delayed buying another device that would be just another feature on that device that is worth thinking about, 'said Mr Kidman.

'I think after 2020, if you buy a new phone, you want to make sure it has 5g support until we reach that level, which doesn't matter, he said.

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5G technology explained: It may change the world, but not for a while yet

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