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7 Custom Board Book Printers

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Custom blackboard printer comparison we have been teaching children with books all the time.

These childhood books are drooling, eating, tearing and bending by babies and toddlers.

Therefore, the traditional hardcover custom photo album is not durable enough with thin and smooth paper.

So my mission is to find pre-set and custom photo album printers that allow you to create blackboard writing with your pictures.

Some of these printers have an online design tool, other printers allow you to upload files that you create with your own design software, and other printers still lay out and design everything for you (

Just send them your pictures and text).

You will find all 7 features and comparisons here.

I find that there are not many options to get your own board books and that many solutions are out of date.

So I keep this list up to date as much as possible.

As far as I can tell, there are now 7 tablet-book printers.

Custom Photo board book printer-

This is the custom blackboard printer I found. Still, I compare and add notes when I try all of these printers.

Blank blackboard writing-

Cupcakes, stars, houses, Oh, I haven't really explored these things enough yet (

Because I just found them on 11/27 tonight.

But I'm really excited to find cheap blank board books of all sizes and shapes.

These are very suitable for making your own blackboard writing by hand (

It's like scrap booking, but for little hands it's also a great scrapbook project that kids do themselves).

Insert your own board bookmark on a customizable board book that inserts photos. InIt is probably the easiest solution to customize blackboard writing.

You bought a book that has been printed (

So the text is not changed)

Simply insert your own photos or photos to customize the story.

The most common brand is PictureMe, but there are also some other brands.

Insert board books on Amazon. com -

You add your own images to any picture books that are no longer printed, so you have to use them on Amazon (so prices vary).

7 Custom Board Book Printers

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