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7th death linked to ecstasy tainted with pmma

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08


Seven people in Calgary have died from contaminated ecstasy.

Test results released on Monday showed that a young man was found dead on SAIT campus earlier this month, and his system contained a toxic additive pmma5. Sunday, a 37-year-

The old man was found to have died of an apparent drug overdose and the two with him were seriously hospitalized.

Meanwhile, two women found at a hotel in the city center on Saturday were apparently taking an overdose, but no toxicology reports.

The police received many tips, but the Staff Sgt.

Mike Bosley of the drug Department said it was not enough to narrow the source or distributor.

If a dealer or manufacturer is associated with a contaminated drug, it is the official responsibility to file a murder charge, he said.

It's hard to find ecstasy on the street, and people are afraid to take it, Bosley said. (CFFR)

7th death linked to ecstasy tainted with pmma in calgary; 2 in hospital

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