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9 Emerging Technologies To Be Adopted in Classrooms 2019

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

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The walled classroom of education is slowly changing.

The current generation is moving towards technology in all aspects without leaving the field of education.

At the same time, these technologies are also conducive to students' learning.

Let's learn about the nine emerging technologies that classroom 2019 will adopt.

In 2018, in the field of education, people often heard the voices of artificial intelligence, machine learning, real-world technology, etc.

These new and promising educational trends are expected to bring new prospects to education soon.

new teaching landscape can be seen in the classroom tomorrow.

Let's take a look at what new technologies we can see in future classes.

Emerging technologies to be adopted in classrooms.

Mobile Learning: mobile applications have occupied a place for school children.

Children in schools are increasingly dependent on educational apps, revision apps, apps with Test series and their assessments, learning apps with games, and more.

It promotes interconnected and personalized learning, and it's no wonder if this will become the norm for schools in the days to come. 2.

AI: in one of our previous blogs, we have understood how AI affects learning methods and helped teachers become a friendly tool.

It helps to personalize learning on a large scale and improves the efficiency of school children by analyzing learning patterns and interests.

Artificial intelligence can be effectively used to improve teaching methods and practices, become a valuable tool for teachers, optimize students' personal learning, simplify management and daily work, and also serve as a smart host. 3.

Machine learning: in the education of teachers' positive role, machine learning is considered to be the gap between students' knowledge.

Although the application of machine learning is still in its infancy, it is expected to soon become a hot topic in the education sector.

Some use cases are used as tools such as adaptive learning, curators, certifiers, presenters, etc.

It helps to automate management tasks through personalized and differentiated learning, create global classrooms, and customize learning. 4.

Internet of Things: 'things' are everywhere, and schools are no exception.

The internet of things helps build communication networks, generate textbooks, collect data, securely connected campuses, and advanced school management.

The internet of things helps reduce costs by creating an intelligent environment.

IBeacons and wristbands help prevent intruders from entering the school campus.

RFID tags on students help teachers learn more about their candidates.

The interactive board helps students communicate with teachers.

In short, the Internet of Things brings adaptive learning to students, intelligent tools for teachers, and intelligent monitoring for management. 5.

Virtual reality: Virtual reality can be used as a way to consume content.

It is found to be immersive and engaging for students, and it inspires students to learn.

The learning experience of VR simulation real environment is unforgettable.

Learning is exciting as students actually experience learning, and memory retention is even more so.

In addition, it improves the creativity of students.

In a word, virtual reality technology helps students to move knowledge faster and more effectively. 6.

Cloud computing: Cloud computing is a popular word for technology and schools today.

China's Zhejiang Zhuji has installed about 6000 cloud computing terminals in about 118 schools to modernize the education system.

Students will get an electronic device that can write homework anywhere, access library books online, or work for projects anytime, anywhere.

Students do not have to always carry textbooks with them, on the contrary, one device is enough to meet all their resource needs. 7.

Natural User Interface: The latest development of tactile technology and the use of tactile communication information have also attracted attention in the field of education.

Students in nursing are using a tactile feedback system for training in nasal and gastric tube placement. The computer-

The simulated learning environment reduces risk by eliminating possible damage due to under-experience when placing pipes.

In addition, it leads to accuracy to a greater extent. 8.

3D printing: 3D printing helps students make mini models at work.

These models can be used as testers of design principles before making actual prototypes.

This helps students create a perfect working model with less spending as they can correct the problem (if any)

Before going to the actual model, in the sample model.

It also saves time. 9. Multi-

Touch screen: multi-screen

Touch surfaces make it easy for students to contact their peer groups, teachers in real time.

The screening board can detect multiple contact points of students at a time, which is useful for research.

The screen connects to the computer and shares videos, images, and sounds.

This helps more interaction between students.

Forecast: in the future, it is expected that the classroom will no longer be confined to four walls.

Learning can be done outside of the classroom or with virtual reality models, cloud computing, mobile learning, etc.

Make learning easier to understand, more flexible, and more scalable.

Adopting new technologies for the classroom will be the next step in the classroom structure and will hopefully meet the needs of individual learners.

9 Emerging Technologies To Be Adopted in Classrooms 2019

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