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CNC Lathe Processing Screw Parts

CNC Lathe Processing Screw Parts


What’s CNC lathe processing ?

screw parts

screw parts 2

There are two forms of lathe processing :

1.The cutter fix and process the workpiece which is rotating.

2.The workpiece fixed,and use the cutter to machine vertically or  horizontally.

We mainly use the second way.Below is a stainless steel part made by CNC lathe. 

Step 1 :Cut the stainless steel material for lathe processing.

Step 2:We made the shape for the screw by embossing.

Tuowei Model is a large metal parts processing manufacturer, who specialize in medical device,non-standard parts, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other parts processing.

metal parts processing manufacturer

Tuowei Model

Our advantages:

1.55 sets of 3/4/5 Axis CNC milling and lathe machines

2.High machining efficiency:automatic tool change

3.Large processing stroke:1500*800*400mm

4.High precision:tolerance within +-0.01-0.05mm

5.Quality assurance:imported 3D coordinated testing equipment from Japan

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