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How Much It Cost to Make A Prototype?

How Much It Cost to Make A Prototype?


Tuowei offers the service of pre-production evaluation to clients in order to satisfy their requirement upon the quality, material, color, finishing effect, or especially the cost.  Generally, in the past decades, product manufacturers prefer the molded product because it is much time-saving for mass production.  However, the cost for molding and tooling is considerable high.  In other words, the cost for a number of moulds and relevant tools for molding is an additional sum of money buyers ought to pay.  By contrast, prototyping can reduce the cost and quality risk related to molding meanwhile the manufacture period can be shortened.  "The production of a set of medical equipment moulds can be nearly a million CNY, while prototyping can realize it with purely 1% of the price" said a specialist of prototyping.

Actually, for those who are preparing to place an order for their cases, things like material, processing method, surface finishing effect are determinative.  However, the cost of the above items is unpredictable.  In general, suppliers have their fixed standard for whatever the material price or the cost of labor.  Therefore, with the long-term experience of accepting orders from clients, suppliers are able to give a quotation according to a 3D drawing of the product.  On the other hand, suppliers can give the recommendation of the material, processing method, and finishing effect which are most suitable to specific products or components or the format of designed 3D drawing, and then give a price by mutual consent.

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