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Precision CNC Machining of Titanium Alloy Parts

Precision CNC Machining of Titanium Alloy Parts


Titanium alloy has high strength, mechanical properties and good resistance to corrosion. It is the ideal material for aircraft and engine parts. But its poor cutting process ability has restricted the application for a long time.


Titanium Alloy Parts

the detail of Titanium Alloy Parts

With the development of processing technology, in recent years, the titanium alloy has been widely used in aircraft engine compressor section, hood, exhaust and other parts of manufacturing as well as the frame girder and the frame structure of aircraft manufacturing.


Here are some advantages of Titanium alloy:


1.High strength but light weight

The density of Titanium alloy is 4.5 g/cm3, much smaller than iron. But the intensity is similar as ordinary carbon steel.


2.High temperature resistance

The melting point of titanium alloy is 1660 ℃, higher than iron and has high thermal strength. It can work under 550 ℃ and usually shows good toughness at low temperature.


3.Good corrosion resistance

Under 550 ℃, it is easy to form a layer of oxide film on titanium alloy surface. So it can prevent itself not to be further oxidated in the atmosphere, water, steam and acid, alkali.

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