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Prototype Client from Nikon, Japan

Prototype Client from Nikon, Japan


Everyone must know NIKON clearly as they are well-known camera brand name. they are strong not only in SLR Camera but also Optical Telescope, they are the biggest Optical maker in the world and famous camera maker fromJapansince 1917 with a company name by Japan Optical Technical company. and turned into a new company name by Nikon Co. Ltd until now.


On Oct.2014, this world famous camera company found us and asked if we can make Camera Prototype for them, when they understood that TUOWEI already been in Prototype since 2002 and we do have a CMO Jerry who can speak fluent Japanese, they feel that they got the right choice.


Even so, they are big company with many critical requirement, after they visited, they do realize that TUOWEI is a qualified company where they can count on when they need to do the prototype.

There are 4 persons visited our company (2 fromJapanhigh lever, 2 fromChinastaffs) they did a survey carefully and make a report to theirJapanheadquarter, we are sure that they will visit us again for the further cooperation soon. we will be very busy to take care of their projects.

Tuowei-Prototype Client from Nikon, Japan

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