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The Comparison of SLA and SLS Printing Technology

The Comparison of SLA and SLS Printing Technology


Last month, we made a project for Mr.Thomas Anderson from US of printing a prototype of flower shape. The material is ABS and the surface finish is painting and polishing.

prototype of flower

3D printing service includes SLA and SLS method. Although the principle of the two kinds of processing roughly the same, but they apply different materials.

SLA can print resin material and white ABS.  SLS can print white Nylon12 material.


As for costs, sla printing is cheaper than sls method because of the material difference. Also the surface if SLA is fine finished and smooth while the texture of SLS is rough.

For mechanical properties, SLS parts is stronger than SLA parts, which can be used for UAV industries, drones and other mechanical industries.

SLA part

SLA parts will be more used in testing the appearance and general assembly.

Both of these two method can make plastic parts with a quick turnaround time about 2-3 working days. SLS and SLA could make small quantity parts to test the market.

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