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The Differences Between CNC Machining & SLA

The Differences Between CNC Machining & SLA



CNC Machining is a subtract manufacturing process,which means the raw material will be removed with a variety of precision cutting tools .

CNC machining

SLA (stereo-lithography) is a "rapid prototyping" process which will create an object.





Plastic: PMMA (Lucite Acrylic), PC, ABS,PP, POM (Delrin), HDPE,PTFE (Teflon), Ultem, Nylon,etc

Metals: Aluminum, Copper-based materials, Tool steel,Stainless steel,etc


SLA: Resin(white or Transparent),ABS


Leading time

Compared with SLA , CNC Machining will need more time to machine.Generally speaking,SLA will need 1 -2days and CNC Machining will spend 3-4days!


Surface finish

CNC Machining & 3D Printing could have a lot of surface finish like polish,sandblast,chrome plating,painting,silk-screen etc. The effects will be similar.


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