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Tuowei Prototype Service

Tuowei Prototype Service


Shenzhen Tuowei Model Technologies Co., Ltd was founded in 2002. We provide the main structural 3d modeling service for the project, which include rapid prototyping, small batch production, industrial product design services. The main machining methods include CNC machining, 3D printing, Vacuum casting etc.


CNC Machining is a subtract manufacturing process, which means the raw material will be removed with a variety of precision cutting tools. Input the 3d drawings into Computer Numerical Control center and implement the command, CNC machine will start to work and the cutter will move on according to the tooling path.


CNC Machining


3D Printing is an ideal process used in Rapid Prototyping parts for engineering tests and next generation products, as well as art pieces and architectural models. There are several different 3D Printing processes and a variety of materials to choose from. There are 3 kinds of printing techniques which are SLA/SLS/FDM.


3d printing

Vacuum casting is a special process by silicone molding. We need to create a master first, then, use the master to duplicate the product with limited quantity. Regularly 1 master can be duplicated by 10 units.


Vacuum Casting

We provide one stop service.It will save the clients much time to find suppliers and communicate with many person.In the meantime, it will reduce the problems and costs due to communication problems.


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