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Which PC Prototype Manufacturer is Better?

Which PC Prototype Manufacturer is Better?


Rapid prototype is a critical part when the companies develop new products. To verify the appearance, structure and dimensions of the new product design could largely reduce the risk of molding. For making prototypes, PC is a kind of transparent material. There are two techniques to make PC prototype parts, CNC machining and vacuum casting. But the finished effect of vacuum casting is not as good as CNC.



If companies don’t make prototypes to test the new design of products, it will cause a great loss once there are unreasonable design with the 3d drawings for molding. As we all know, it will cost much to make a mold.Few days ago, a client ordered a PC prototype from our company. It is made by CNC machining. Here, we’d like to show you some pictures of the effect of PC prototypes we made for our clients.


 PC rapid prototype

pc prototype

Tuowei Model has specialized in making prototype for 15 years.At present,we have more than 160 experienced hand craftsmen, from making model to low volume production, one-stop service.Our company has certified by ISO9001:2008 quality management system. In 2016 we have been successfully listed in Shenzhen new four board (listed code: 667950).It’s a great progress for our company development.

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listed code: 667950

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