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A 3D printer is helping N.J. woman battle hair-pulling

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08


Louise Damiano 13 years ago

Gavgan's jewelry business in New York is beginning to get into trouble.

As the pressure increased, she developed a strange habit that she had never had before: pulling her head and hair.

But pulling her hair is not a problem. Damiano-

The real problem with gavgan is that she can't stop once she starts.

She will look for a gray hair or a hair that is thicker than usual and then pull.

'So I'm newly married here, basically without work or direction.

It's a release of pressure, 'said Damien --Now gavgan, 43Damiano-

Gavgan has trichotilomania, an impulsive control disorder characterized by the patient forcing himself to pull out his hair.

People with hair disease may pull hair anywhere in their body.

Scalp, eyebrows and even eyelashes are the most common targets.

This disease occurs in people of all ages. -

It is estimated that as many as 4% of the general population suffer from hair disease. -but in Damiano-

In the case of gavgan, stress and depression triggered pull.

She did not start seeking treatment until five years ago. Damiano-

Frank gavgan, the husband of gavgan, began the study of trichotilomania, and together they started the customary reversal therapy.

'I will tell her to wear gloves or a baseball cap,' said gavgan . '.


It's not easy to sit there and watch, but if you say anything, you will know she will explode.

I have to leave this room.

'The more they learn, the more they understand how to deal with the situation.

'I learned to say in the right way and she learned to listen to me,' gavgan said . '.

Meanwhile, Damiano-

Gavgan began looking for ways to keep her hair.

From her constant pull, she grew bald spots on her scalp.

Hair extension does not really solve this problem, a device-

synthetic wig-

Actually hurt her hair.

'It's very heavy, it's very obvious, it's very painful,' said Damien . 'Gavigan.

'I now have scars that can't grow out of my hair.

She found an effective way in November: 3D

printed prosthesis tailored for her scalp. Damiano-

Gavgan attended a consultation in Wall Town

According to the Transitions Hair solution, Danielle grelow, the owner, helped her put on the dress.

''Scale' is made of breathable, antibacterial, and resistant

'Fungal polymer,' says grelow.

'It fits better than a normal dress, because it is placed flat on your head.

If you put your hand over the head of the man, you don't feel it.

' factory in Italy printed this picture and then injected it with thousands of human hairs.

The manufacturer imitates the natural texture, color and texture of DamienGavigan's hair.

Now her natural hair is allowed to grow under the artificial limb.

It's attached to Damien-

The head of gavgan is made with a special adhesive.

She can take a bath or even exercise with a prosthetic leg.

The product is useful for burn patients, hair loss patients, and patients with hair disease, grelow said.

Because it's not the real hair of the wearer, she says, most people won't bother to pull it once it's in place.

' depe with hair disease usually does not pull a prosthetic leg.

Many times they have to feel nervous when they go to pull.

'They don't feel like a prosthetic limb,' she said . '.

Artificial limbs are not a treatment.

However, Damiano-

Gavgan readily admitted.

One thing, the piece cost about $5,000, which is a small prosthesis that covers only the top of her head.

When the dress is cleaned and re-cleaned, she has to make an appointment once a month

Attached to her head

However, she pointed out that it gave her a normal life.

'It's a confident thing,' she said . '

'I feel incomplete as a woman.

She added that in general, people with hair disease (

Sometimes simply called 'trich ')stay silent.

'It's hidden because it has a lot of shame. People hide.

I know I'm isolated. 'Damiano-

Gavgan is still trying to find a way to stop pulling.

'If I'm tired or stressed out, all the bets are gone,' she said . '.

But she found that meditation and yoga can relieve the urge and explore other options.

'This is what you have been doing,' she said . '

'I have experienced depression before, but I still do.

There are many problems with this.

But now my hair can grow and that's something that hasn't happened with other treatments.

'She also sent a message to other people dealing with trichotilomania.

'You are not alone.

'At Apollo masse @ njadvancemedia, you can contact Andy polamus. com.

Follow him on Twitter @ ajpolhamus.

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 3D printer is helping N.J. woman battle hair-pulling disorder

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