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A Beetle Just Helped MIT Researchers Build A 3D-Printed

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

From Victoria to wind turbines, some of the greatest modern innovations are inspired by nature. Biomimicry—

Or imitate patterns found in nature to solve complex problems.

Help generations of scientists and engineers.

So, when a research group at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab was given the ability to create 3D-

Printing robot skins, they know they may find ways to solve their challenges in nature.

In this case, the answer appears in the form of color

Long Ming Gold Turtle.

What can the defense mechanism of a small beetle teach a research team at MIT?

It turns out that observing this small insect helps graduate student Subramanian Sundaram and his team not only overcome their obstacles, but also develop a solution that can change the shape of the electronic surface of the appearance, feel. Creating 3D-

Printing robot skinSundaram's observation of the beetle is not so much a novelty of changing color in distress, but rather how color changes occur.

'In essence, sensors and interconnected networks are called sensory motion paths,' Sundaram said . '.

'We're trying to see if we can replicate the sensory motion path in 3D --printed object.

So we think this is the simplest creature we can find.

The team created a T-using the aMultiFab custom 3D printer-

device of shape consisting of ultra-thin elastic plastic, a silver, transistor, and a semiconductor polymer called 'pixels', which changes color when the horizontal bar of the device is stretched.

3D printing touch

The most impressive aspect of sensitive equipment Sundaram and his team's equipment is the flexibility of the substrate.

Applications where you can be equipped with sensors and printed thin foldable materials in flight are unlimited.

Anyone who unfortunately groped for a smartphone on concrete can prove that touch-

The sensitive glass surface has its disadvantages.

But imagine if your smartphone is made of a more resilient material that doesn't break into pieces when it falls on the sidewalk.

Or, as far as this is concerned, the entire bridge, the car, and the plane are painted on sensors --

Enables them to react to the environment, and to respond to the touch, to adapt to changes, to prevent the load substrate from happening in the accident.

The photoelectric system has been greatly promoted in innovation.

If you ask the robot why the chameleon skin is needed, your mind is not big enough.

The organic electronics research group, leader of the rakklauk, is at the Mapp solid Research Institute, in Stuttgart, Germany.

Org, 'by dynamically manufacturing substrates, this method is particularly useful for a temporary manufacturing environment where a dedicated substrate material may not be available.

How will this affect 3D printing for businesses

Printing robot equipment is a small step towards printable touch

Sensitive 'skin' has great significance in innovation --

Especially about the application of color

Change materials.

In the past, researchers proposed using the Beetle. inspired color-

Changing technology to reduce counterfeit currency, businesses can create more complex 3D products as this new advance. From high-

This technology can link dangerous situations such as military vehicles and uniforms that can be immediately disguised to match the surrounding environment with less dangerous usage, such as shoes that change color according to your clothing


Industries that have not yet proven reasonable cost of investing in 3D printing may find that it is worth their time.

For example, food suppliers can print and package products with color-changing materials when the products are close to the shelf life to reduce waste and save consumers money

Not to mention helping the Earth. This sub-

The field of optics can even affect how we interact with light at work, and how our technology controls, detects, and lights.

Overall, the MIT team's project is a major win for the future of 3D printing technology and reminds us that sometimes, you don't need to go further apart from your own backyard, you can find the inspiration for the next great innovation.

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Original article published on wwwtektonikamag. com.

 Beetle Just Helped MIT Researchers Build  3D-Printed Robot

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