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A brief history of 3D printing

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

That night more than thirty years ago, when he invented 3D printing, Chuck Hull called his wife.

She was already in her pajamas, but he insisted that she drive to his lab to see the small black plastic cups he had just produced 45 minutes after printing.

It was March 19, 1983.

Hull was an engineer working in the United States. S.

Companies that cover furniture with hard plastic veneers.

As part of his work, he used photopolymeracrylic-based liquids —

It will solidify under ultraviolet rays.

Hull thinks the same process could be used to build a three-

Size objects from many acrylic thin layers, hardened one by one, targeted UV rays from the laser.

Hull continued his research in the evenings and weekends until he finally shared his eureka moments with his wife, antinot.

'I did it,' he told her simply . '.

Hull obtained a series of patents on his invention and continued to cooperate

3D systems company has been set up and remains a leader in the field.

Last year, 75-year-

The National Inventor Hall of Fame.

Hull's invention set off a wave of innovation.

Design engineers accept 3D printers as answers to their prayers: they can design and print prototypes on their computers on the same day, instead of waiting for weeks or months to produce new parts.

The 3D printer has evolved and can now use a variety of materials, including metals, ceramics, sugar, rubber, plastics, chemicals, wax and living cells.

This means that designers can develop rapidly from concept to final product.

The advances in speed, accuracy and versatility of Printers make them profitable for researchers-

Let the company even doit-yourselfers.

The cost of these machines has also fallen sharply, which means it is easy for home inventors to enter the field.

Home Depot sells for $1,699, while Amazon sells for $.

Com went public for $339.

These machines are used to print shoes, jewelry, pizza, cakes, car parts, invisible braces, guns, building models and fetal models (based on ultrasonic images ).

The wave of innovation triggered by 3D printers is now beginning to peak in the medical field.

Researchers are racing to design implanted liver, kidneys and other body parts with the help of a 3D printer.

In Canada, scientists are trying to use 3D biochips.

 brief history of 3D printing

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