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A brief introduction to the difference between 3d printing prototype and vacuum compound mold

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
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3d printing prototype refers to the need to make a sample through 3D printing or CNC processing after the drawings are designed to detect the appearance and functional structure. The vacuum compound mold prototype refers to the prototype of making a silicone mold through the prototype, and then copying it in batches in a vacuum environment. So what is the difference between the prototypes made by these two processing methods? Here is a brief introduction to the extension model.

The accuracy is different

although the prototype accuracy printed in 3d is not very high, only 0. Around 1mm, the prototype printed by some 3d printers may be slightly higher; However, the prototype accuracy of vacuum re-molding is lower, only 0. 2mm, for customers who need to make precision prototypes, they will certainly not choose vacuum complex models.

different processing materials

3d printing can mainly print photosensitive resin, nylon and ABS, some 3d printing can print metal prototypes (Such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy prototype) The vacuum compound mold can only be used to copy a prototype similar to plastic, and the prototype of metal material can't be done.

different charging methods

do a 3d printing prototype, the prototype factory will calculate the weight of the raw materials required for your prototype according to your 3d drawings (Unit is g)Then multiply the price of each gram of raw material; The vacuum compound mold needs to be made with CNC or SLA in advance, and then a silicone mold is made with the prototype, and then copied through the silicone mold. Therefore, when calculating the price of the compound mold prototype, we need to estimate the price of the prototype, the price of the silicone mold and the price of each compound mold prototype, and then calculate the sum of the three prices.

So, 3d printing prototype and vacuum mold prototype mainly have different precision, processing material and charging method.

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