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A comparison of tensile failure in 3D-printed

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

This work examines the possibility of copying natural rock samples that can be used to analyze rock mechanics behavior by performing tensile tests and various analytical methods on some of the same samples.

We compare the cracks produced in artificial sandstone samples with the properties of the cracks produced in natural sandstone samples.

Artificial sandstone samples made using a 3D additive manufacturing printing process were subjected to tensile failure using a Brazilian test method and the results of these tests were compared with those performed by Brazil on natural sandstone.

These samples include two different types of synthetic rock, which have not been changed in the typical process of the manufacturer, and three natural sandstone.

For each test, record the loading history of the sample failure and confirm the failure mode using digital imaging technology.

Plus, three-

3D imaging of the broken surface was performed and then used to compare the geometric features of all test materials.

The indirect tensile strength of artificial sandstone samples is between 1. 0 and 2. 8 MPa.

Natural sandstone samples with extensive indirect tensile strength were tested for comparison.

Among them: strong sandstone, medium sandstone and weak sandstone;

The indirect tensile strength range is 10. 5–25. 5 MPa, 4. 4–6. 4 MPa, and 0. 9–1.

1 MPa respectively.

The correlation of digital images confirmed that the artificial specimens generally failed during stretching (mode I)

Fracture similar to natural specimens.

Similarly, the fracture surface roughness measurement shows no significant difference between weak natural sandstone and artificial sandstone.

This shows that there are obvious similarities between the cracks produced in natural and artificial sandstone with considerable indirect tensile strength. The three-

Size-printed sandstone samples show indirect tensile strength, surface roughness, and crack propagation behavior similar to weak natural sandstone.

 comparison of tensile failure in 3D-printed and natural sandstone

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