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A Fiat first: Abarth Cavallino Launch Edition

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

On Monday, I received a rare treat when I handed the key to 2013 Fiat 500 abbat.

Why is it special, it's not just any one, it's Fiat 500 abarthrlaunch edition from Montrealbased .

Only 100 of these products are in production and I have to walk around Montreal

2. the first one has found a home for Fiat lovers.

What made it special was that I was the first journalist in North America to test drive this car!

ACS need a complete

Load Abarth and then add the aerodynamics enhancement to make it already-

Interesting Fiat is a little more interesting.

However, it should be noted that in order to maintain the warranty of the vehicle, the company did not make any mechanical modifications to Abarth, and before I picked up Cavallino, aces's Joseph taaverna said in a phone conversation.

So what are some of the features you get on the Cavallino Port extractor to release heat and Hood pressure at high speed.

Intake Naca pipe Hood port, let the cold air flow to the engine compartment that helps to reduce the operating temperature of the engine.

Rear composite spoiler with CNC aluminum support and color contrast side blades.

And rear hatch sign.

Plaque and certificate

The package added $2,695 to the $30,570 MSRP

Loaded Abarth with double pull stripes on the hood, roof and rear hatch of the No. 1 car.

An additional $300.

The company will introduce more customized features in 2013, including a functional front splitter to enhance downward force and improve frontal airflow (launched at the end of 2013) and a front air dam port, replace the central grill with a larger opening to help the middle cooler breathe more effectively and embrace a pair of high-power LED daytime running lights.

(Provided at the end of 2013 ).

ACS said in a press release that the visual elements of the car were inspired by the European Road Racing Club while respecting the legacy that the brand has already provided.

At present, Canada's only Cavallino model dealer is the North American press conference held last week for Cavallino.

In the US, the only place you can currently order Cavallino is, although more dealers should be added in the coming months.

I'll have more on this car once my time is over, but for now, enjoy some of the sights of Fiat 500 cabalino: this is a photo of my first day with Cavallino turning a lot in the Old Port of Montreal, where Italian cars feel the charm of Europe.

This led to a long conversation between a couple from the US who accepted Cavallino from multiple angles.

 Fiat first: Abarth Cavallino Launch Edition hits the streets in Montreal

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