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a guide to the latest consumer 3d printers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
You want to buy a 3D printer.
The appeal is obvious: make anything you want with plastic on the desktop.
There is no reason to go to the store to buy something made in China, get on board, load up a truck and put it on a shelf.
3D printers can make almost any object you can imagine by placing a small layer of plastic on top of each other.
People around the world use them to make everything from artwork to practical everyday items. 3D printing with fork
3D print whistle.
You are limited to your imagination and you can start experimenting by printing countless things that people have designed and uploaded for you.
But before you do anything, you need to figure out which printer is right for you.
Easy to provide the most affordable 3D printer for consumers, MOD-
T has a redesigned design to reduce the number of parts it needs to run.
The company behind it, the new thing, runs its pre-
With IndieGogo\'s orders, those who came in on the first floor were able to fish them up for an amazing low of $200. Pre-
The order is over, so you have to spend a little more to get an order, but this printer is perfect for those who want to not break the bank in the 3D print pool.
Its performance is equivalent to a more expensive 3D printer.
MakerBot is easily considered one of the first companies to mainstream consumer 3D printing ideas.
It has made many 3D printers over the years, and its replicators come from the company\'s fifth generation product, so you know it has been adjusted and improved many times.
The MakerBot community is particularly strong-
Users often upload and share digital files that others need to create 3D models with their own devices at home through a website called Thingiverse. (
You don\'t even need to have a MakerBot product to take advantage of it! )
You have to assemble it from the part, but that\'s why this is so affordable (
That\'s why it\'s attractive to people who want to get their hands dirty and learn the printer from the inside out).
Given its low price point and the fact that you have to assemble it yourself, this could be the perfect printer for someone who wants to know everything about 3D printing.
Look here, maybe you just want to print it out right away.
Considering the simple metal of Printrbot, play the simple big brother of Printrbot effectively. Its auto-
Platform for leveling (
It actually creates the part you want it to create)
This means that you have to do much less calibration before you make your own object, and it\'s already assembled.
Look here, the cube is perhaps the best balance between price and userfriendliness.
It lets you print from the Cube app running on your smartphone and supports bothcolor objects.
Its footprint is 13 \"x 13\" and it has a Wi-
Wireless Print Fi connection from your computer or phone.
This is also one of the cutest printers!
Look here and support printing with a variety of plastic, this device is much like having a miniature assembly line on your desk that can make many different things with a variety of different materials.
You can pause and resume printing in the middle
Manufacturing, you don\'t need to assemble anything before you put it into use.
If you want morethan-capable, no-
This is a good one.
Check it out here. this is another building. it-
Your own technical friend or anyone who wants to use a cheap 3D printer, mini Kossel is a \"delta\" printer with a print head that is manipulated by three arms, compared to other printers, it can make more cylindrical objects.
Its construction volume can handle objects 170 wide and 240 high.
Although it covers a small area, you can check it here (
More than 1 square foot)
, Ultimaker 2 can make objects up to about 9 cubic inches in high resolution, filling in as little detail as possible. 02 millimeters.
It runs fast, quiet and only 49 decibels when running.
Besides that, it has a clean, cool design.
Who wouldn\'t like it?
Come here and see, ditro is an elegant-
It looks like a printer made of aluminum, with \"huge volume, Super
Fine Resolution [and]
Too fast.
\"If you don\'t want to assemble a 3D printer from scratch, please be happy --
DittoPro arrived fully assembled.
Looking at Form 1 here works in a very different way than the other printers described here.
Instead of laying a layer of hot plastic, it fires a laser at the liquid resin to shape it into the object you want to create.
The advantage here is that there is no temperature hazard and it can be printed at surprisingly high resolution.
Formlabs launched its product as a Kickstarter project and received an overwhelming positive review.
It\'s a little more expensive than the other printers we cover, but you\'ll get the fees you pay, etc.
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