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A homeostatic, chip-based platform for zebrafish

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Due to the transparency, small size and similarity to humans at the genetic level of the Zebrafish fish, it is ideal for toxicology and drug screening.

Using modern imaging techniques, cells and tissues can be dynamically visualized and tracked in multiple zebrafish fish.

Continuous imaging experiments, however, require special conditions such as: moisture and heat control to maintain the steady state of the sample.

Rooms that control the environment are often very expensive and are not available on all imaging platforms.

Highly customizable installation configuration with built-in features

Therefore, by controlling the flow of temperature and media, it will be a valuable tool for long-term imaging experiments.

Fast prototyping using 3D printing is especially suitable as a production method because it provides a high degree of flexibility in design, is widely available, and allows for high customization.

We studied the nerve regeneration of zebrafish.

Human regeneration is limited, but the zebrafish can recover from nerve damage in a few days.

However, the underlying mechanism of regeneration is still unclear.

We have developed an Agar-based installation system that keeps the embryo in a defined position along a movable strip.

Ensure steady state and temperature control through the channels of circulating buffer and hot water.

This allows shooting up to 120 larvae at the same time for more than two days.

Its flexibility and low

The high ratio of larvae will allow the screening of small compound libraries.

To sum up, we provide a long-term solution with low cost and strong adaptabilityvivo imaging.

 homeostatic, chip-based platform for zebrafish larvae immobilization and long-term imaging

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