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A is for Alfred, B is for Batmobile: Dark Knight

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Playboy needs a butler, and Batman/Bruce Wayne owns Alfred Tadeus crane penneworth.

First appeared in Batman.

As an overweight, clumsy detective, he quickly lost his weight and grew a moustache, making him more like playing his actor in the 1943 Batman series.

Alfred is not just a loyal valet.

He is Batman's acting father and his conscience.

He is also a dab hand for fencing, archery, medicine, computer programming, smart work, fist

Fighting and gardening.

Like most fictional housekeepers, he seems to have endless dry housekeepers --liners.

Here are some of them: this rotten sir.

Why are you a model of reason?

Oh, by the way, I put your tights down and put your exploding balloons away. -----

You think you know everything about me, don't you?

I got your ass through.

I should have done that. . . Sir!

Like Batman himself said, 'it's the car.

The chicken dug the car.

'But this phone is more of a boy's toy --

dangerous flash black car full of all imaginable gadgets.

His wheels are changing as Batman develops: The first Batmobile is a simple red car;

Latest iteration, heavy tank.

James Bond will be jealous. Carinsurange.

Org produced a very interesting and very detailed infographic about the history of Batmobile. : whip-

thief in a leather case, a woman who likes Batman, and an exotic robbery.

Cats and Girls met the Crusaders of the cloak for the first time in 1940, their love --

Hate relationships are the most enduring relationships of their lives.

For a man of some age, she will always be Kate on Earth (or Julie newma), but the image most relevant to the character is Michelle Fiver and that vacuum --

Sealed latex set

According to IMDb, as the Cat Woman in Batman's return, Pfeiffer's bus stop poster is very-stolen item.

'The situation quickly became so bad that the police had to patrol the bus stop in order to catch the perpetrators before they broke the plexiglass container.

Today, big cat and girl bus ads are worth a lot of money.

'Frank Miller's return of The Dark Knight is an important darling of Batman canon, and it's right to be hailed as a masterpiece by the New York Times and Time magazine. The four-

Some comic series released in the medium term

Bruce Wayne, in his 80 s, retired and saved Gotham from a wave of corruption and crime.

Miller's Batman is full of Dirty Harry and Charles Bronson.

His justice is rough and ruthless, millions of miles from the camp

Batman TV series.

Interestingly, the book raises the question of whether Batman's vigilance/fascist brand really works (although, a recent interview with Miller shows that he is on the side of masked men, masked men hold the law in their own hands ).

Director Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan think the film has a direct impact on their Batman movie, and most bat fans think Miller's view of Batman is clear.

Superman has the chest of John Williams.

With his adventure he accompanied him with great fanfare, but the bright way would never play a role in the gothic opera Tim Burton dreamed of for the first Batman film.

The same goes for Neil Hefti's 'Batman, South anan Anna! '.

Burton turned to his composer, Danny Elfman, who proposed an iconic Batman theme, but the film's producers, Jon Peters and Peter Cooper, I don't believe Elfman can do the job.

They see Prince and Michael Jackson as better choices.

Burton refused. he Said Batman would not be a top character and reached a compromise: Elfmann could write music and Prince could write songs.

Elfman's rating is very classic, setting the tone for not only Batman movies but also all comic book movies.

Evman went on to write the theme Spider-Man

Man, Dick Tracy and Hulk, but he is known for the theme of The Simpsons.

Batman and Robin are not only the lows in Batman's history, but also the lows in film history.

The movie is filled with awe, but the biggest mess is Arnold Schwarzenegger's pun intended for Mr. Freeze.

It's hard to believe they're Oscar-winning screen-writer.

As long as Batman has been fighting crime, he has been fighting innuendo.

Questions about the exact nature of his relationship with his young ward made the comic editor very nervous in his 1950 s, who introduced Batgirl.

Psychiatrist Frederick weatherham claimed in his 1954 book, 'the story of Batman is mentally gay '.

'Batman-type stories may stimulate children's fantasies about homosexuality, and they may be unconscious.

Only those who do not know anything about the psychiatric Foundation and sexual psychiatry can realize a subtle gay atmosphere filled with the adventures of the mature 'batsman' and his young friend Robin'The camp-

Batman's adventures during his fifties and sixties, the most striking in popular TV dramas, make it difficult for Batman writers to get rid of wetherm's

Interestingly, gay audiences are starting to support Batman.

Because 'he is one of the first fictional characters to be attacked on gay grounds '.

Director Joel Schumacher made a gay makeover for Batman and Robin, adding nipples to his suit and exaggerating the sashimi, which made him vomit. Random close-

The ups and downs of Batman's crotch and butt show that Schumacher is playing with his audience, even though he denies it was his intention.

'I don't know that putting the nipples on the ball suit and Robin's suit will trigger international headlines.

The body of the suit comes from statues of ancient Greece that show the perfect body.

'They are sexually pornographic,' he said . '.

Batman writer Grant Morrison dismisses the paranoia of the Wertham era, who told Playboy this year that the captain crusader was gay

This is part of his general appeal.

'In his rich sense, he is a very Pluton, and in the sense of his sexual metamorphosis.

Gay people are built into Batman.

I'm not using pejorative homosexuality, but Batman is very, very gay.

This is undeniable.

Obviously, as a fictional character, he wants to be straight, but the whole concept is based on being completely gay.

'I think that's why people like it.

All these women loved him, all dressed in fetishes, and jumped on the roof to find him.

He doesn't care-

He is more interested in being with the elderly and the children.

Comic writer Mark Miller has tricked the media into believing that Orson Wells plans to make a Batman movie in 1946.

In a column he wrote for the website's comic resources in September 2003, Miller said that the director of Citizen Kane wrote a 'heart --racing' 36-

The page processing of the film, even before he pulled the plug of the project, has entered the production stage.

He revealed the details of the film's actors, making the pudding more popular.

Miller said that Wells, citing archival material found by his film historian friends, had signed up for James Cagney as the riddle man and Basil rasbourne as the clown, marlene but had a conflict with the studio about who should be playing Batman: Wells wants to play the role himself, Miller said, but the studio wants Gregory Pike, this led Wells to leave the project.

Miller asked his artist friend Brian Hickey to do some rough sketches for Batman in Wales to increase the credibility of his scam.

As a result, film and comic sites, like newspapers around the world, took it off.

With the exception of Superman's shield, Batman's badge is one of the most recognizable symbols in comics, possibly the world.

The badge has changed a bit since Kane's early painting, but the basic elements remain the same.

Shine some version of it in the sky and everyone will know what you mean.

The video below will take you through the evolution of the badge, but for a more comprehensive history.

You won't be disappointed.

The Joker made his debut in Batman.

1 (1940) his personality has changed very little since his first appearance.

He is still a murderous madman, dressed like a card clown, killing people for no reason, with a smile on his face.

He was created by Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson, and Bill Figer, although the three sides were in dispute about who did what.

Kane, who made Batman, mentioned the row in an interview before his death: 'Bill Figg and I created the Joker.

The writer is Bill.

Jerry Robinson came to me with the Joker's playing card.

That's how I summed it up.

(Clown) looks like Conrad Veidt, an actor in The Laughing Man. . .

Bill Fing had a book with a picture of Conrad Veidt and showed it to me and said, 'This is the clown '.

Jerry Robinson has nothing to do with it, but he always says he created it until he died.

'The clown has hardly sustained his first comic show.

Kane didn't want to repeat his words, so he wanted to kill him.

Most of the villains Batman encountered in his early years eventually died of unpleasant accidents (Batman's code prohibits him from doing practical things), and the fate of the Joker is no different.

In Kane's original finale to Batman

The clown died after accidentally stabbing himself, but luckily DC and all those who made millions of dollars out of the Dark Knight, the editor of the book Whitney Ellsworth, see the merits of the character and have Kane add a panel to bring the Joker back to life.

Bob Kane was 23 when he created Batman.

Action Comics to find him for follow-up-

Until its successful Superhuman title, Kane began to sketch. The Bat-

Man was originally called his creation, part of Zorro, part of Superman, part of the Phantom.

Da Vinci's flying helicopter is the inspiration for this cape.

Kane was the only hero of Batman's creation, but the artist was helped by writer Bill Figer, whose advice shaped the iconic image of the hero.

Kane described in detail the contribution of the finger in his autobiography: One day I called Bill and said, 'I have a new character called Bat --

I have drawn some rough sketches with me and I want you to have a look.

He came over and I showed him the drawings.

At that time, I had only one small domino mask, just like the one Robin later wore on Batman's face.

'Why not let him look more like a bat and put a hat on him,' Bill said ? ' Take out the eyeballs and sew the eyes to make him look more mysterious. The finger also advised Kane to throw away the red suit he had the hero wear and change it to 'dark gray to make it look more ominous' and came up with Batman's name --

I'm Bruce Wayne.

I made Batman a superhero.

When I first created him, I was a vigilante.

'Bill turned him into a science detective,' Kane recalls . '.

Before Christopher Nolan was hired to restart Batman and bring a darker edge to the hero, the Warner Bros. made contact with Black Swan director Darren Aronovsky to get Batman

Aronofsky and Batman comics writer Frank Miller have turned out a tenacious script inspired by French contacts and taxi drivers who let Bruce Wayne work for a car company

The repair shop and Batman are like Cui Visby Kerr.

Aronofsky said that the opening of the film would be Jim Gordon 'sitting in the toilet with a barrel in his mouth and six bullets in his hand, thinking of blowing his head off --

This is the role for me '.

Not for the children.

When Aronofsky was busy writing his low

The fi version of Batman, Troy director Wolfgang Peterson, is working on a separate project to compete the Dark Knight with Iron Man.

Petersen's Batman vs Superman had a cast before it was abandoned.

Christian Bell reportedly met as Superman.

So is George Miller's Justice League film.

Miller's Justice League entered the pre-

In 2007, Batman will be seen working with Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern.

Social networking star Ami hammer is cast as Batman and filming will take place at Fox Studios in Sydney, but Warner is nervous about the rising cost of the film and canceled it.

Controversy over Bain's hidden dialogue in the rise of the Dark Knight prompted the postproduction.

The fans reacted badly to the six.

Mmrbl ffrmrff, which was released in the cinema last year, mocked the difficult-to-understand conversation, which made Warner Bros. executives very nervous.

Christopher Nolan objected to this, but finally agreed to the studio's request.

On April, it was reported: 'Bain's low voice has been completely cleaned up, so you can now hear him standing next to you,' wrote Steve weitlaub of the colliders.

'While I don't know if this is just for CinemaCon sizzle reel, then everyone is talking about it and saying how great it sounds.

'Bain's incredible mask is made of ABS polymer and made by the clothing effects department using a 3D printer.

The cat woman's mask is a pair of goggles, but its design looks like cat ears when it is flipped.

The most important achievement of Christopher Nolan is undoubtedly to erase the stains of Batman and Robin and make Batman viable again.

The British director put the hero in the real world and tried to imagine what prompted a person to wear batons and fight extreme acts such as crime.

Nothing in Nolan's trilogy is completely out of range of possibilities.

'Batman's world is the real world of grounding,' Nolan said . '.

'(It) will be a recognized contemporary reality in which an extraordinary hero will appear.

Batman starts is an original film about how a man became a symbol. The follow-

The Dark Knight shows the world that a comic film can be taken seriously.

The end of the story is 'the rise of the Dark Knight', a battle between Nolan and Gotham's soul compared to two of the cities.

It's a big brag, but Nolan offers one, according to the comments.

Nolan says he's finished with Batman, but his mark will last for a long time.

Lasting impact on Batman and comic movies.

Gary Oldman, who plays Hollywood's typical 'bad guy' in Jim Gordon's 'good guy' role, was inspired.

Who knows that the man who once beat Indiana Jones (Air Force One) is the first port of call for the screaming anti-social (Leon, Fifth Element, etc. ) Oldman said: 'Christopher Nolan has the imagination to make me a good person. '.

'I don't know if he's been using me as Lieutenant Gordon --

I don't know what he was thinking when we met, except that he wanted me to get involved in Batman getting started.

'Still, we know that Gary Oldman has a dark side.

Ask him about the basketball players in the movie. Pow! Zork!

Oh my God, Batman!

Adam West's TV series is a great value for Batman with extra cheese. So. Much. Cheese. Oft-

The legacy quoted by the TV series is the sacred line. g.

'Oh my God, Batman!

'There is no Nolan cut or run in the TV series.

Batman's suit is a light suit.

The equipment that embraced gray Kenard and Robin was also camping.

Special effects are limited to punch and 'POW! ” screen art.

Since then, West has begun to imitate his career;

He appeared in The Simpsons, prompting Homer and the children to slowly retreat in the episode of Mr. plough, and become a regular visitor to the family Boys series, becoming the funny and crazy mayor Adam

We have frozen you. a-

So we're gonna skip this damn thing.

Batman and Robin's liner.

Here's the best part of the movie: as my plastic surgeons often say --

If you want to go, go with a smile. -----

I gave my pain a name, Batman. -----

Decent people should not live here.

They will be happier elsewhere. -----

I'm Batman. What are you? -----I am Catwoman. Hear me roar. ------

You are just jealous because I am a real monster and you have to wear a mask! -----

It's just the pussy I 've been looking! -----

All in all, she wants to blackmail me and I will throw her out of the higher window.

At the same time, I have better fish to fry. -----Please!

You're as blind as a bat! -----

What kind of man is wrong in primary school? It is a boy wearing earrings;

High School, motorcycle;

Leather jacket, university. Now. . . black rubber.

Try firefighters and take off less. -----

If you let yourself be more than just a man, if you put yourself into an ideal, you will be completely different.

Are you ready to start? ----

You're in hell, little one!

I'm the devil!

You are not the devil.

You're practicing. -----Why so serious-----

My mother warned against getting on the bus with a strange man.

This is not a car.

For example, Robin and most people will focus on Bert Ward's boy miracle in the 1960 Batman TV series (few will remember Chris O'Donnell's role in Joel Schumacher's film)

Some fans asked why Robin was not mentioned in Nolan's Batman movie.

The answer is Christian Bell.

'If Robin appeared in a new Batman movie, I would tie myself somewhere and refuse to go to work,' he said in an interview in 2008.

We are very happy about this.

Joel Schumacher is right to be considered the one who almost killed Batman.

Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, the Gothic sequel to Tim Burton

The return of heavy Batman and Batman is a mess; garish, over-the-

Top Toy ads are dripping in the camp where TV shows are becoming less fashionable.

In the DVD review of Batman and Robin, the director took unusual steps to apologize for his crime: 'If someone is watching this, that's it. . .

For example, I love Batman Forever and walk into Batman and Robin with anticipation, and if I let them down in any way, then I really want to apologize.

Because that's not what I meant.

My purpose is to entertain them.

But the Bartz fans should not just blame Schumacher.

Studio executives put pressure on him to bring his films closer to the family --

Very friendly shoes

Incorporate toy ideas into the script.

'Warner Bros. is under a lot of pressure.

Make Batman and Robin more like a family.

'Friendly,' explained Schumacher.

'We decided to make a less frustrating Batman movie, less tortured and less heroic.

'Batman fights crime with some of the greatest heroes in literature-Superman and spiders-

The characters in Sherlock Holmes and Mount Tai, but he also shared his mobile phone with scum. His worst team-

Must be with Scooby.

Mentally, the mental scars on 1972 cartoon Scooby

Meet Batman-


Batman doesn't have a gun, he has a utility belt, a convenience store he uses to fight all the technology and hardware of Gotham's lower abdomen.

Batman will get lost without his fighting gun, batalang and mini batphone.

Speaking of Bat tech, Lucious Fox is one of them.

Morgan Freeman plays him in the Nolan movie.

He's Batman.

For Guy, Q for Batman 007.

In the Nolan series, Fox provides Batman with military equipment.

Class equipment, including Batmobile, Batcycle and Batwing more like tanks.

The applied science department has also begun to make Batman's most complete suit ever --

Nomex survival set with Kefla fiber double

Woven and graphite cover.

The best thing on Batman's belt is a ring made of Krypton Stone, in the rare case of Superman's deterioration.

Batman plays against a group of colorful villains. His main foes -

Clowns, riddles and penguins

This is a household name, but here are some of his unusual opponents :-The Man-Bat-

Great white shark-Killer Moth-Doodlebug-Calendar Man-Killer Moth-Kite Man-

Captain Boomerang. Yes.

Captain Boomerang.

We estimate he will show up the next time he restarts.

Billy di Williams and Marlon wayes are both paid for never being in Batman.

Dee Williams, known for playing Lando in the Star Wars saga, appeared as District Attorney Harvey Dent in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman films and signedego, Two-

This villain will appear in any sequel.

Wayans were hired to play Robin in Batman's return, but Robin was fired when there were too many characters in the movie.

Like Dee Williams, he will be in the third Batman movie, but when Burton leaves the project and director Joel Schumacher is brought in, two white men re-shaped the character's two faces, Tommy Lee Jones and Robin's Chris O'Donnell.

Wayans told AV Club on 1998 about the farce: 'I was paid for being almost Robin.

Actually I'm Robin and they pay me and then they decide to ask someone else.

I think, 'Hey, just settle the check, baby.

I should do the second one.

I packed my wardrobe and everything and what happened was that there were too many characters and they didn't feel Robin would serve.

So they put me on the third and when the third came up they had a new director (Joel Schumacher replaced Tim Burton) and their vision for the project

They decided to let the white man play Robin.

'In the world of Batman, other actors close to Hamming include: Robin Williams, who is a riddle and a clown;

Annette Benning, Ginna Davis and Brooke Shields are cat women;

Bob Hawkins and Dustin Hoffman as Penguins;

Hogan, Mr. Stallone, Anthony Hopkins, Mr. Patrick Stewart freeze;

Christian Bell of Robin

There are also Alec Baldwin, Kevin Costner, Tom Cruise, Bill Murray, Joshua Jackson, Billy cluda, Gillian Murphy and Jack Gillenhaal.

Last words from Batman and Robin

You know, when a porn movie looks better than many of your movies, your career is terrible.

Millions of dollars, stars

Hollywood movies.

Axel Braun's Batman porn parody of the costume lens of the Dark Knight XXX-

But it's not because they're shocking or explicit, it's because they look really good.

'It looks better than Schumacher's movie', a damn comment.

For Bruce Wayne, who witnessed the murder of his eight-year-old parents, he would enter the police uniform with the seeds of fear and anger.

Batman's crusade for revenge on the Wayne family is as important as justice for Gotham.

Many bat fans lament that there is no humorous theme in Nolan's Batman trilogy, but the film's composer Hans Zimmer says the theme is there and you just have to listen.

He told Empire magazine: 'I 've been thinking about talking to Chris about what I think the character Batman is.

If there is an arc, it is that he sees his parents killed-this is the defining moment in his life-and he feels guilty about it.

The theme was basically interrupted by two notes: it never finished because he never exceeded that.

It took me three weeks to remove the notes from the Batman theme until I only deleted two notes.

I am very proud of this.

It is always the beginning of a theme.

It promises that he can be a hero or a complete person, but it won't happen because he can't go beyond that moment.

If you listen carefully in the first movie, there was a little choir boy for a while, and the choir boy did something by electronic deception and spending too much time in the studio, his notes actually froze, it lasted about four minutes.

I know this is really an unreliable symbol, but we did freeze him in time.

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