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A large number of prototype models, which processing method is better

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2017-10- 09 16: 14

In general, the number of prototypes made by customers will not be too much, only a few, most of the time one or two. However, occasionally, there will be dozens or even hundreds of customers who need to do it. In general, if several prototypes are used, they usually use CNC machining or 3d printing, and up to hundreds of words, these two processing methods are not too calculated. In this case, if the customer is not very strict with the accuracy of the prototype, it is more economical to use the vacuum compound mold to process.

Why is it cost-effective to say that the number is more than dozens of complex molds? There are several reasons here. First, the number of this batch is very small compared with the steel mold, usually several sets, dozens, or even hundreds. It is not impossible to do more, it is a matter of time and cost. The delivery of dozens of complex prototypes is about a week. If there are more than a few hundred sets, it will take a few months. The exhibitors are generally in a hurry. Once they miss it, they can only wait another year.

Second, it is the service life of silicone molds, in general, the silicone mold of imported materials can copy dozens of plastic prototypes, and the life of domestic materials is lower. Generally, about 15 copies will cause greater deformation, have to do the mold again.

So, when the number of prototypes that customers need to do is relatively large, it is better to adopt vacuum complex molds.

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