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A new 3-D printer builds temporary electronics on your skin

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

new 3-

D The printer draws accurate patterns of conductive materials directly on the human skin, making temporary tattoo electronics. Unlike other 3-

D. printer designed for layering materials on hard, stationary objects, new system-

The researchers reported in the June 6 that it was the back of a fidgety hand.

Michael McAlpine, an engineer at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and his colleagues used the bill. savvy 3-

D printer for building wearable led.

The printer first sticks the prefabricated LED lights to the wearer's skin, and then draws a circuit around the bulb using a silver-coated polymer ink, so that the ink can conduct the current.

After waiting for the ink to dry for 15 minutes, the user can keep the LED lit by holding a wireless power transmitter on the printed circuit. Future on-the-

Body electronics can be made by 3-

D. printed batteries, says McAlpine.

The researchers also printed moisture sensors that can be used to monitor sweat accumulation to measure pressure levels.

The wearable device stays for at least two hours, but the user can process the print by stripping it or flushing it with water with tweezers.

McAlpine's team imagine soldiers wearing 3-

D printer, weighing about 1.

4 kilograms, packed in their packaging, give printor solar cells () on the plane ().

 new 3-D printer builds temporary electronics on your skin

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