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A new dimension in home printing

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

In the past, only large industries and DIY geeks were able to patch 3-D printing.

Plastic printing has now become the mainstream.

The cube has become the first 3-

D printers available through major US regionsS. retailer.

The $1,299 printer for the 3D system landed at a limited number of Staples stores later this month (alas, not in San Antonio) and has been listed in staples. com and cubify. com.

Colorful things can also be used with smooth, high

It cost $2,199 in the store. makerbot.

Com, or bare. Bones for beginners

Friendly Printrbot jr.

Assembled at printrbot as low as $499. com.

In the meantime, botObjects are accepting bookings for its proforma 3D, the first full ordercolor 3-

Desktop printer.

Early orders for this printer start at $2,849 via botobjects.

Com, will start shipping on October.

It is forming a new era in 3-

D. print, and be sure to be surprised and confused when consumers question how it works and fits into their lives.

It's good that we have the answer.

Here is a FAQ to help you deal with 3-D printing. 3-

Printing sounds very futuristic.

It's longer than you think. Modern 3-

D printing dates back to 1983, when 3D Systems

Month of Fountain success-

The teacup was printed. Industrial 3-

From fighter parts and dental coordination devices to artificial limbs and electric guitars, D printing has output everything.

NASA is even exploring. D printed food. Personal 3-

D. The development of printing is very similar to personal computing, so the desktop-

Friendly products are available today. So 3-

Printing at home is not new, right.

RepRap and Fab @ Home have launched DIY 3-

First public print campaign a few years agosource 3-

D printer kit, which you can order online and assemble at home.

These have led to more consumers.

Friendly choice of goods like MakerBot and Printrbot.

Cube was launched in January 2012. So how does 3-

Typical home print job 3-

D The printer reads the digital file of the object, usually in STL format, as a series of thin layers.

The printer then builds the object layer by layer from the bottom to the top using materials such as heated plastic.

The process looks like a string of icing on a cake. 3-

D printer resolution is given in Micron.

For example, the resolution of the cube is 200 microns or 0.

2mm, while the print height of MakerBot Replicator 2 is 100 microns.

The lower the micron count, the smoother the object looks.

It sounds complicated.

Do I need a computer degree?

Auxiliary design using 3-

There is no D printer at all. Today's 3-

The printing software does all the calculations for you.

You don't even need to design it yourself.

For example, after cubify activates the printer, the cube has 25 free models to download. com.

You can get more free and priced models in the market of Cubify.

You can also search the STL files online, such as those in shapeway and Thingiverse.

So now I can print out the Porsche I 've always wanted, as long as it's about the same size as brick.

Most consumers

The maximum output volume of the D printer is 6 to 8 inch cubic meters.

The Cube will print about 51/2 cubic feet of objects, while the Cube model ($2,499) will print about 10 inch cubic feet of objects.

Popularity 3-What

The smartphone case is popular because it is easy to design and print.

Chess and toy robots are also very popular and home repairs are also very popular

Work such as door handles and geometric works of art.

Don't forget the bracelets and the other 3-

D. printed jewelryWill a 3-

We do not recommend printing new tires for your car, but most 3-

Some basic wear should be dealt with in the print.

One of the more common consumersfriendly 3-

The printed material is ABS plastic, the same as the Lego building blocks.

3-how long does it take?

The printer that makes an object is. simple 3-

D. It takes 15 to 20 minutes for the printed ring to be produced, while the rook of 11/2 on the board may take an hour.

Why a 3-

The D printer usually outputs a layer with only 0.

1mm thick.

Adding up all these thin layers is a long and methodical process, especially when you consider more complex designs and details. Many 3-

The printed items look monochrome.

Can I get a multi-colored object? The cube outputs only one color at a time, although you can choose from 16 available colors (both are glowing-in-the-dark).

CubeX Duo ($2,999) prints out two colors per piece, while CubeX Trio ($3,999) prints out three colors per piece.

In addition to the upcoming proforma 3D, you may be able to get 3-

D. printing service.

Multi-Color cloud printing service is available in Cubify, other 3-

D. Printing Company.

3-What is the cost of 'ink'

D. The price of the printed cube replacement plastic filament box is about $50, while the price of the 1 kg filament spools of the MakerBot Replicator is about $48.

Keep in mind that the standard wire shaft can provide about three times as much filament and printing capacity as the cube cartridge.

From the point of view of the output scale, the cube cartridge can produce about 30 iPhone cases. So what does 3-

Printing at home means a lot for the future.

We are at the forefront of major changes created by consumers.

Like most computing products, 3-

Printing can only decline with the development of technology and materials.

This should make 3-

D other household gadgets such as printer laptops or tablets. 3-

D. printing can also minimize waste through more targeted, streamlined manufacturing.

Imagine a company that will send you files that you need to print yourself, or design it yourself.

Then there is all the creativity that has not yet been developed, everyday users can make anything in their minds and share it on a large scale.

We are looking at a new desktop publishing revolution in which imagination and hot plastic are leading the way.

 new dimension in home printing

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