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a new site lets you walk the british museum from your couch

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
According to the situation at that time, in 1774, the British Museum was established for only 21 years, because there was a problem with the first national public museum in the world.
Director Matthew Marty
Of the 10,000 visitors per year, too many are \"ordinary and low-educated\" people \".
\"Maty is not only disapproving of the\" lower class \"of the British Museum, but also complaining that they are rude to the tour guide.
Imagine how shocked Maty would have been if he had known that millions of visitors in 2015 could now walk in his museum\'s legendary Gallery in skivvies, with a sloppy pizza in one hand, the other hand holds a smartphone.
This is because the British Museum recently announced the results of its cooperation with the Google Institute of Culture (GCI)
: The world\'s largest Google Street View indoor space, including 85 permanent galleries on nine floors and museums.
Virtual Walk-
By allowing anyone in the world with an Internet connection to explore about 80,000 pieces of displayed artifacts (
This is only 1% of the total number of at least 8 million objects)
As they have shown in the museum, from Lewis pawns and cat mummies to famous controversial artifacts such as Rosetta Stone and Elgin marble.
Visitors begin with the big square of the museum, Europe\'s largest public square, with early morning light passing through the 3,312-piece glass roof pane.
All images spliced into the Street View were taken before and after the museum visit time, and the gallery of the largest tourist attraction in the United Kingdom looks very empty.
Less than 200 items currently on display in the museum are not included in the Street view;
These are mainly modern art works under copyright elsewhere, as well as ethnographic objects that cannot be photographed for cultural reasons, according to Chris Michael, head of digital media and publishing at the museum.
In addition to Street View, GCI\'s British Museum collection includes virtual exhibits, an experimental \"micro-site\" that maps all collections along a timeline, and high
Resolution, a scalable image with more than 4,500 selected objects described.
The most impressive image is a superhigh-resolution (\"Gigapixel\")
Like \"Women\'s History Map\" and fiveto-seventh-century A. D.
Gu Kai, is considered to be the father of Chinese classical figure painting, a replica of the early works.
More than 11 feet silk scrolls (3. 4 meters)
It is long and fragile and shows only a few weeks to the public every year.
Now digitized, it can be checked at any time and anywhere in the world like with a magnifying glass.
Since its inception in 2007, Google Street View has achieved a virtual glimpse of everything from the Grand Canyon to the Scottish car accident.
Google has also integrated the technology into their cultural institutions.
Also known as \"museum landscape \")
Capture a wide variety of spaces such as Carnegie Hall and Pompeii.
But creating Street Views in museums requires a special twist.
\"We had to turn our faces off --
\"Fuzzy technology,\" explains Piotr Adamczyk, who leads the collaboration as a project manager for gci\'s content team.
Apparently, Street View algorithms that automatically blur the identity of passers-by inadvertently erase the image of sculptures, paintings, and masks.
The technology that allows drawing a museum map is similar to the one that creates a Street View.
Apart from that, the process is fairly simple, with sevenfoot (2. 1-meter)-high, two-foot (0. 6-meter)-
The wide camera trolley goes through the gallery in about five days.
GCI has completed or partially street views of more than 320 other museums and galleries, including the Heritage Transport Museum in India and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but there is no size of 7 acres close to about 80,000 items (2. 8 hectares)
Record the floor space at the British Museum.
\"The time it takes to shoot Street View is almost the time it takes to browse all the galleries,\" Adamczyk noted . \".
The collaboration between the British Museum and GCI isn is its only move in cyberspace.
More than 3 public databases.
Since 2007, 5 million objects have been constantly updated.
Now, virtual visitors can download objects from collections, print on 3D printers, and even help curators with information from the Bronze Age sword collection at the crowdsourcing Museum.
According to Michaels, these network plans are related to 262-year-old museum.
\"The British Museum is based on the principle of telling the whole world story to the people of the world,\" Michaels said . \".
\"We are a museum built on a shared basis.
\"It\'s even a museum that is currently being built in the virtual world of my world, one of the best museums in the world
Selling video games
Just as Matthew Marty objected to some of the contents of the British Museum\'s public mission in 1774, there were also some obstacles to sharing the museum with the world in 2015.
\"In Street View, it\'s tricky enough to rebuild the ceiling of the great stadium,\" explains Michaels . \".
\"But it\'s really tricky in my world.
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