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A new temperature-dependent anisotropic constitutive

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

New temperature

Hardening and yield functions based on non-correlated heterosexual

Association traffic rules (NAFR)

In this paper, the method of accurately describing the properties of the aluminum alloy sheet to the opposite sex is introduced.

This new NAFR coupling yield function has been successfully implemented in commercial finite element software ansys through user material sub-routine UMAT to simulate the warm forming of AA5086-

H1 11 aluminum alloy and good consistency were found in predicted earrings profiles and springs

Compared with the experiment.

The new NAFR coupling yield function shows that it is better than the existing Hill48 (

Associated traffic rules)

The Yield function makes it suitable for the thermal and deep shock finite element analysis and tool design of various automotive panels and components.

 new temperature-dependent anisotropic constitutive model for predicting deformation and spring-back in warm deep drawing of automotive AA5086-H111 aluminium alloy sheet

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