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A Passion for Art and Hockey Collide

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Since mid-

On February, the rookie forward performed a double mission for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

In the evening, though usually on a line to occupy the leftnosed Aston-

Reese put his body online for his team.

Some nights, including throwing his 6-foot, 204-

Enter the opposition with evil, or walk in an admirable 90-

Plus a few miles an hour penalty shoot.

During the day, Aston-

Reese chose a less painful one.

Assist in guiding the organization's business. Aston-

With an undergraduate degree in northeast graphic design, Reese has been providing design skills for Penguin's creative department.

Aston this weekend.

Reese showed off his talent when the cover he designed for the ice time game day show greeted fans at the PPG Paints Arena before St on Sunday night.

Patrick's Day's game against the Philadelphia Flyers

Before he started designing, Aston.

Reese looked up several Irish posters on the Internet, and then searched for Irish fonts on Google to get some real inspiration. Aston-

Reese's cover feature team goal-

The scoring leader scored the goal.

Guentzel behind, Aston

The official Irish flag is the main background.

He added several Celtic patterns under Guentzel's name and under his hockey stick.

He estimates that in a few days it took him at least two hours to complete the finished product to suit Aston's simple style

Reese says he prefers design.

Aston: 'I have been trying to stick to some Irish themes . 'Reese said.

'I am very satisfied with this.

I did a little on the road so those guys were with meWillie (Garrett Wilson)and Jake -

Watch me succeed.

It was an interesting experience.

I haven't designed much since I left school, and I'm a little broken, so it's good to come back using Adobe and similar programs. 'Having Aston-

Reese contributed a guest cover of ice age, the creative idea of penguin graphic design manager Dave schposnik.

Typically, Scheponik and Jennifer Navari will design covers for Erin Tirpak, who is responsible for the layout and design of IceTime.

Know Aston-

Reese has a degree in graphic design, and Scheponik put forward his ideas in the late January s.

It took about three seconds. tops -

Eager Aston-

Reese accepted the invitation of Scheponik.

few days later, Aston.

Reese and Scheponik sat down in the Penguin locker room, like a few people in Aston, discussing in detail how the project will unfold

Reese's teammates were very interested in the idea and listened.

'They prepared the canvas for me,' Aston-Reese said.

'This is a question of adding pictures and some details --

Player name and Irish font.

It's a cool background for me.

'If you 've used Photoshop before, you know the hardest part is to cut out a player from the background of the action shot. As Aston-

In carrying out this tedious task, 'You need a stable hand,' noted Reese '.

Fortunately for him, Scheponik and company eliminated this step by eliminating a handful of players for Aston.

There's a choice for Reese:, Jack gatville and. Kidding Aston.

Reese noted that before he started the project in Philadelphia in February 10, there was a clear omission in his choice.

Aston: 'I'm a little unhappy. I don't have a picture of myself, but it doesn't matter . '

Reese told Michelle crechiolo of the scoop and Jon Otte of penstoff before he told them that he was going with Guentzel, 'because he was me.

Crechiolo and Otte joined Aston-

Reese recorded the early stages of his cover design in Philadelphia for the upcoming 'in the room. As Aston-

Reese went to work and Crechiolo extracted the details that led him to work on graphic design.

Before Aston announced a major battle in the northeast

Reese wants to do something different from his friends, and most of them have chosen the business route.

Summer after freshman year, Aston-

When Reese stayed on campus to train, he took several art classes.

He quickly realized that he was 'very keen (art)

So he took it as his major.

His favorite courses in the Northeast include painting and painting.

He likes 3-

Students use laser cutting machines and 3-

Create a printer for the model.

Another favorite is his photography class.

See photos at night

project he was particularly proud

What he mentioned to Crechiolo more than once

It is a typesetting poster with 30 different fonts.

At first, his professor was not satisfied with this, but after a semester of revision, the professor finally found the answer.

Aston: 'I'm proud of the poster . 'Reese said.

'I will definitely print it out and put it on the wall.

His vertex project Aston-

Reese wrote a book about NHL history with InDesign.

This is not only the theme of Aston.

Reese liked it, but he learned some trivia along the way.

'I learned about some of the teams that have entered in different transition periods, as well as other teams that have moved around a lot,' Aston-Reese said.

'I know there's a real penguin in Pittsburgh as a mascot, but he got pneumonia and died.

Looking into the future, if Aston-

Reese chose to use his degree in graphic design, and he told Crechiolo that due to frequent changes in Adobe's design programs, he had to go back to school first to attend additional courses.

Considering his great efforts at St.

Patrick's Day IceTime cover, Zach Aston will offer some quick refresher sessions

Reese needs to be highly successful.

Competitive graphic design world.

 Passion for Art and Hockey Collide

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