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a place to put imaginations to work

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
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Maple meets the school on the 23rd to celebrate the grand opening of its brand
New manufacturing laboratory
The setting of the room is possible as the school has built some partnerships with community businesses such as Canadian tyres in the Garden City, donating some hand tools and heavy equipment.
\"Our learners want to be able to make their prototypes and make their projects so that something can be welded, something can be drawn, something fixed with screws, this could be a small piece of 3D printing attached to a large part of their project, \"said Matt Henderson, head of Maple School.
\"We have no space, no proper ventilation, and no tools for our students to do so in a safe space.
Students often build prototypes at internship locations and are guided by experts, but they also do it at home and get frustrated, Henderson added.
\"We need a place where they can really do what they want to do to expand their scope of learning and learn in depth.
\"The Maple Met manufacturing laboratory is based on the location of 100-
321 McDermot Avenue.
Many of his students practice there on a smaller scale.
The school\'s manufacturing laboratory includes woodworking machinery, soldering iron, round saw machines, several hand tools and two 3D printers.
This will help to start some projects.
They hired an industrial art teacher who will shape the lab over the course of the year and provide training courses for all students to be trained in safety procedures and how to handle the equipment.
Students will have to build more than one
Discipline items to be checked on all machines, the school will record the student\'s ability to operate the equipment.
Grade 10 student Colten Roszmann has been working on a project that requires the use of a 3D printer.
Manufacturing Labs is a big step for Met schools because they need something like this so they don\'t have to go to North Forge, he said.
\"It\'s OK here now, I think it\'s really cool to walk into the room and have all of this.
\"There will be more creative projects and more students building things,\" he said . \".
Henderson said their goal is not just to help students develop technical skills.
\"When we look at a problem, we try to solve some problems that are part of what humans have experienced in the universe, so it\'s good that we\'re not just building something, but this is more of an activity . . . . . . And if I want to go through the design process, I want to say: is there any problem?
What are the questions related to this?
Then he said, \"Well, I think we can solve the problem like this \'. \" He added that it is easy for people to find problems, but it is difficult to find a solution.
\"We find that the design process is a very powerful mechanism for learning to develop their executive thinking, critical thinking, and empathy, to say, \'Why is this a problem?
What\'s the big deal?
Who is affected here?
Then they began to use their imagination.
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