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A powerful prototype factory for soft glue keys

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2018-09- 01 18: 13

In the general plastic industry, plastic with PP and PE equal weight and relatively low surface hardness of the material is called soft glue. Among the many soft glue prototypes, the soft glue key prototype is done more. Tuowei model is a manufacturer with 17 years of experience in making soft glue prototypes, and has made prototypes for more than 3000 customers.

The soft glue key prototype made by the tuowei model factory is mainly used for new product verification, the prototype soft glue series is a flowing liquid. No matter what color, the quality is unchanged. The prototype soft glue has low viscosity, good fluidity and good operation, so it is often used to make various soft glue models, the main requirements of the soft glue prototype are: no shrinkage, no deformation, and the hardness is suitable for the use of less complicated products.

The soft glue key prototype made by the extension model, liquid under normal condition, adjustable color; When using, the curing agent can be solidified and formed in a few hours according to the proportion, and the CNC processing is completed. Next, the work is finished after many fine cuts, polishing and then finishing.

The soft glue made by the extension model is generally used, watch strap, PVC plastic mold, plastic toy crafts, electronic equipment, etc. If you need to choose a powerful software key prototype factory, look at the extension model.

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