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A Rap Video With a Side of 3D-Printed Jewelry

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

In June 2014, industrial designer Célia Elmasu and multi-disciplinary artist Nelly Zagri

Long-time friends and intermittent collaborators

Reached an agreement via Skype.

'I said, 'If I quit my day job, you quit your job. I quit;

Elmasu, now 29, remembers that you resigned.

'Said Nelly, 'Oh. K.

'I'm done,' I asked. 'Are you sure ? '

This is the beginning of everything.

The 28-year-old Zagri interjected, 'Our original idea was two parts: Hip

Dance music and do crazy props.

year and a half later, the Frenchborn, Brooklyn-

Created 'first 3D based on duo-

Play music videos.

'The jewelry brand Holy Faya of Elmasu and zaguri is often worn on stage by FKA twaigs, a by-product by chance.

The inspiration of the brand comes from 'Black liar '(1866)

Elmasu said it was considered the first of the musical, 'full of things we like '.

'It's a love story with good and evil, with wizards and princesses, with fighting and magic medicine.

Therefore, each sacred Faya series consists of accessories for a character that are mostly 3D

Gold printed bio plastic

Gold plated, brass and gem details.

'Célia knows the printer very well and she has invented a new way of working,' Zagri said . ' She added, 'she will set up a material in the machine and be around it

'They are wearing their latest protagonist, wizard, in a sivelano hat with snakes drinking their mother's wine --of-pearl lake;

complicated bug. and bead-

Inlaid Egyptian collar;

Earrings, blindfold and scepter.

Design clothing in leather and python.

But before they lit MakerBot, they recruited-and-

Music for upcoming musicians

And finally play the role. The 20-year-

Old French rapper Marcus dosaviGourdot, a. k. a.

Kilison, offers a bumpy ride to the United StatesK. -grime-music-

The impact track titled 'Black scammer.

On December, he, Elmasu, zaggri, dancer Bashili Mamadou, and film photographer Alexander degardin took five days at Sunset Park.

'We are in this universe, there are only imaginative people in the studio,' dosavi --Gourdot says.

'Everyone is constantly coming up with ideas, which also nourishes the video. ” The result —

short version premiered here.

Depicting a wizard. slash-

The goldsmith who made a deal with the devil had a problem.

He seeks revenge, 3D. printing (of course)

monster of Frankenstein (Mamadou).

The full video will be shown on Friday at the New York chimney in Williamsburg, with Elmasu and zagery planning to arrange props 'Hollywood Planet style '.

'It's incredibly happy when everything comes together,' Elmasu said . '.

'3D printing is not the ultimate goal;

This is a tool to make our ideas come true.

 Rap Video With a Side of 3D-Printed Jewelry

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