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a review of the instructional design models

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Before we discuss what a Instructional design model is, it is important to define the instructional design itself first.

Teaching Design, also known as teaching system design (ISD)

It is the process of creating teaching experience and making the acquisition of knowledge and skills more effective.

The subject of instructional design was produced in the second world war. S.

The army needs rapid training of a large number of personnel to complete various tasks.

Although the two terms teaching technology and educational technology are often used in exchange, they are not exactly the same.

Association of Educational Communication and Technology (AECT)

Defines teaching technology as 'theory and practice in the design, development, utilization, management and evaluation of learning processes and resources, while educational technology is defined as 'research and ethical practices that promote learning and improve performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technical processes and resources.

'Now that the key definition is out of date, let's look at the instructional design model.

First, the model is a representation of a complex entity or phenomenon whose purpose is to objectively understand what it represents.

The model helps instructional designers visualize the problem at hand and then break it down into smaller, easier-to-manage units.

Therefore, the teaching design model is the framework for the development of teaching, which can enhance learning outcomes and encourage learners to gain a deeper understanding.

In other words, the teaching design model tells the teaching designer how to organize the teaching situation to achieve the teaching goal.

It is important to note that effective teaching models are based on learning and teaching theories.

The model is divided into mandatory model and descriptive model.

The prescriptive model provides guidelines for the organization and construction of teaching activities, while the descriptive model describes the learning environment and its impact on variables.

Many teaching models have been developed over the years, mostly based on ADDIE models.

ADDIE represents analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation.

The instructional design model of this system consists of five general stages which have been improved in other models over the years, such as Dick and Carey design models and rapid prototyping models.

Common examples of these teaching models include: 1)

Guiding Principles of Merrill Lynch 2)

Study classification of Bloom

Level 4 training assessment by Kirkpatrick

Nine instructions from Gagne

Teaching design model of Kemp 6)

ARCS Model of Keller inspirational design (

Focus, relevance, confidence, satisfaction)7)ASSURE Model (

Analysis of learners, presentation objectives, selection methods, media and materials, use of media and materials, requirement of learner participation and evaluation and revision)8)

Smith and Logan design model

Rapid Prototype design model.

This is, of course, a non. Detailed list

It should be noted that in all models, the learner is (or should be)

The center of teaching.

The learning environment is also important for positive teaching outcomes.

This includes teaching at all levels, I. e. K-

Education, adult learning and higher education.

Therefore, the teaching design model is suitable for teachers, teaching designers, trainers and university teachers.

a review of the instructional design models

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