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a shift in dimension

by:Tuowei     2019-08-16
Health care, education, jewelry, construction and industrial manufacturing will be carried out at sea
With the large-scale launch of consciousness in 3D space, the city has changed (3D)printing.
Compared to 2D radiography images, X-
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
And computed tomography (CT)
3D printing can provide better accuracy.
3D printing is the creation of objects/reproductions by merging or depositing materials such as plastic, metal, ceramic, powder, liquid or living cells in multiple layers.
For dental, jewelry manufacturers, cars and other industries involved in manufacturing, a variety of prototypes can be made using 3D printers.
Think3D is a start-up initiated by-Raja Sekhar Upputuri and Pruthvi in Hyderabad where they received an MBA after getting B.
Technology from BITS (Pilani)
Eighteen months ago, it was decided to hold a series of seminars in the city to spread awareness.
The company says it will be doing business here selling 3D printers and taking orders and holding workshops to increase the sensitivity of potential users.
\"We are also making software innovations to bridge the gap and ensure a seamless connection of 3D printing technology . \"
Raja Sakhar told Hindus.
\"Vizag has great potential because it is the largest city in AP with large industrial, educational and medical bases.
\"We are the largest 3D printing platform in India and want to spread awareness of the impact and application of 3D printing technology,\" he said . \".
Vizag head of Think3D Gaurav Gupta said that 3D printing is an additional manufacturing process in which the printer produces physical objects from scratch by depositing materials layer by layer.
The cost of the printer from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs.
6 for consumers to use according to speed and resolution.
For industrial enterprises, high
Terminal printer is provided.
Printing in 3D and additive manufacturing also provides many jobs for those with industrial, mechanical, information technology and computer science engineering degrees as well as software development, web design qualifications.
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