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A shoe revolution is upon us

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

We are going through a change.

All of a sudden, the most popular shoes in the capital are no longer designed by graduates of the Institute of Technology --

Proficient in traditional skills.

Now, architects and product designers are becoming the 'last' masters who are pushing the concept of footwear to the same level.

The ubiquitous Zaha Hadid is the most striking architect who has recently entered the shoe cabinet.

Last September, Pritzker Award

Winner has designed some attractive and affordable plastic shoes for Brazilian footwear brand Melissa, and so far most fashion London girls will definitely try them on if they don't buy them.

This summer, Hadid worked with Lacoste in a limited company

Italian Mavericks-leather boot (purple calf-

Suitable for women, gray anklehigh for men).

Starting today, they only get it from Colette in Paris, where they embrace their feet with Hadid's iconic Shard perspective and spiral up their legs.

Priced at 拢 358, decorated with embossed patterns, they are the cross between butter

Boots and Max Escher spiral.

Yves Bihar, probably the first product designer to dabble in footwear, designed the garden Wood clo for Birkenstock in 2003.

Behar and his team at Fuseproject, San Francisco, made a trendy city shoe with Cork construction, suede lining and Velcro gel on the heel.

They usually design furniture, lighting and other products.

Earlier last year, John Lobb asked Doshi Levien to design the apprenticeship series --post-

The husband's modern brother. and-

The wife, who is famous for the sofa, designed the duo group called 'my beautiful back' and 'living tableware '.

New in Spain

Baroque star designer Jaime Hyon is also tempted by his traditional porcelain and crystal to design shoes.

In last September, campers introduced Hayon's soft men's shoes, which are lively in color, such as cream frozen and purple red.

Sports, unique elegance and the taste of the concert hall, this shoe without color has a typical quality.

In the design world of last December, French designer Paul Coudamy often found that the transformation of office space --

Led to the shoe called Woodwalk tennis shoes company K-Swiss.

City trainer and concept integration on the 19 th

25 pairs of limited edition century Swiss country Wood clog, hand carved on wood, invites us to reconsider the way we live and walk around the city.

Even legendary Dutch architecture theorist Rem Koolhaas has been working hard to make shoes, seventh

Garard Clark, a shoe maker

Their uniform nude women's shoes brand with cantilever building high heels has been a huge success.

Fun so far, but when is the shoe not a shoe but a brand new thing?

Marloes 10 h枚mer, 30-year-

Old Dutch product designers based in Shoreditch boldly wear shoes that are revolutionary in shape, structure and materials.

10 h枚mer studied 3D design under Ron Allard of Arnhem and Royal Academy of Art.

As a versatile designer, she is very fascinated by this shoe, which she thinks is a structural shoe.

'To innovate, you need to be more like a product designer than a fashion designer,' she said . '.

So far, her shoes are non-wearable deconstructs made of wood, waterproof cloth, fiberglass or resin.

'Functionality is not important in the design approach,' she said . '.

Now that she has begun to make these provocative and otherworldly works wearable, Andrea Cook, curator of the spring Project Gallery, has not wasted her time giving her a platform to publish them

This is a dangerous news for shoe lovers in London who are currently working on spending wisely.

Andre Cook is a legendary genius.

Commissioned the observer of the first 'Wednesday' series of designer Tord Boontje and gave an early presentation to the artists Gillian day and Mark Wallanger.

'I'm showing young product and fashion designers because the design has a huge impact.

She said: 'The field of art.

'I have been interested in Marloes ten b枚mer since the Royal Academy.

She is one of our growing talents, charming and talented.

Last week, on a warm night, the Spring project showed h枚mer's beifol-

An amazing, highly wearable piece of origami folded around stainless steel in an untanned leathersteel heel.

They showed their building photos and three abstract videos about walking and decorating body parts.

The designer was very excited.

'It really makes sense to build something in London.

Now the design here is like the gold rush.

'She and the assistant will order each pair through her website or the Spring project.

This is a painstaking customization process, which means that these shoes are expensive --

拢 2,250 global courier

But who cares about blowing your budget for a few seasons at a time?

In any case, a girl needs to make a statement.

To be frank, you can wear these shoes and old sacks. www. springprojects. co.

020 7428 7117, info @ springprojects, UK. co. uk www.


 shoe revolution is upon us

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