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A skin printer and bee health-checker win Dyson awards

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08


Powered cooker, a 3D print 'skin' printer, is a wheelchair that makes people with disabilities stand upright and one of the latest winners of the James Dyson Award.

These inventions are one of the inventions that represent different countries in the Engineering Awards.

Their manufacturers face the challenge of 'designing things to solve problems.

More than 600 contestants from 18 countries participated in this year's competition.

Open to college level students and fresh graduates.

The competition was organized by the James Dyson Foundation, a charity created by vacuum cleaner creators to help young people develop their engineering skills.

One expert said the competition was still valuable in an era when crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo existed to support inventions that were not yet available.

'The James Dyson award provides a platform to showcase some of the best new innovations in the fields of science, engineering and technology,' said Dr. William Weber, vice president of the School of Engineering and Technology, tell the BBC.

'While some entries may not be able to go beyond the prototype stage, the award plays a vital role in encouraging new engineering talent, which is highly needed by the UK and the rest of the world.

'Here's the selection of the winners, who, along with some runners --

Up will compete for cash awards to be announced on November 6.

If the food inside goes bad, the food label filled with gelatin becomes uneven.

The current due date is not always accurate-

For example, they didn't take into account that the meat, juice or vegetables inside might not have been properly refrigerated.

Bump Mark solves the problem by allowing producers to set gelatin to the same attenuation rate as the contents of the package --

The higher the concentration, the longer it takes to change from solid to liquid.

Once gelatine has changed its state, the bumps at the bottom of the plastic can be felt, providing a tactile safety check.

You can check the hive without opening it.

The measuring instrument is inserted into the hive, and then the pneumatic system allows the beekeeper to select a bee that can be isolated for inspection on length.

The idea is that this will reduce the damage to the climate of the hive and reduce the risk of other insects stopping working.

The creators suggest that Mima can be used to understand the increase in the collapse of the bee population.

3D printing device that simulates the complex structure of the human skin and the real cortex.

These can be used to close the wounds of the victims of severe burns to help them recover.

The machine works by placing two types of human cells

2) cutin-forming cells and fiber-forming cellslayer-by-

Layer into the gel to create the desired pattern.

The designer said earlier tests showed that the resulting 3D-

Printed 'skin' can be used to reduce the amount of time a doctor needs to wait before trying to remove the real skin from different parts of the victim's body.

Devices that heat liquids in glass or other containers help reduce waste and cleaning.

The product consists of an induction base inserted into the power supply, which heats the rod placed in the container.

Miito does not have the on/off button-

Instead, when the base detects that the rod does not exist or that the liquid is boiling, it turns off the power supply.

new fastening mechanism for backpacks, designed to be safer than an alternative to an existing mountaineer.

The system puts the strap of the bag into the cross, with a snap ring in the middle that can be separated, and it takes only one hand to remove the bag.

The idea is to minimize the risk of climbers opening up food, drinks and emergency equipment in dangerous places.

Solari offers alternatives to barbecues and camping stoves, and is expected to become an ecological

friendly way to cook food outdoors.

The portable device is designed to heat food for four to six people using solar energy for a few hours.

It works by letting the light go through its transparent lid and then guiding it around the aluminum shell through a lens.

The design also includes a thermometer that transmits information about food progress to the smartphone app.

tool for the lower limbs of persons with disabilities that allows them to move while sitting down and standing up and between two positions.

Machines use human upper body movements to move them from position to position rather than relying on expensive and heavy motors.

Qolo also uses a similar mechanism to help them move their position: tilt their upper part

The body is moving forward and they start moving forward and the chair turns if they twist to one side.

faucet gadget designed to encourage children to wash their hands also saves water in the process.

The TipTapTop contains an infrared sensor that starts the flow of water when it detects the hand below and triggers the 'happy' music jingle.

The water stops when the child takes his hand away to add soap, but the concert continues to play, reminding them of the need to keep track of the initial rinse.

Only after they return their hands, wipe away the soap, take it out again to dry the skin, the music and water will close and end the cycle.

device that combines a doctor's tongue stick with a light source.

By connecting a disposable sterile stick to the handle, the light is automatically turned on and the light is deactivated when the stick is subsequently discarded.

The idea is that Oralux releases a doctor's hand and allows them to avoid contact with the stick when using it.

personal shopping cart that can be folded and loaded into the trunk of a car without having to take out the goods carried in the car.

The aluminum frame of the Uplift helps to keep the weight light, while the bright silicone handle both protects the kit and makes the owner more visible.

The designer says it will target aging adults.

device designed to make it easier for a specific skin layer to be vaccinated.

Designers say that when an in-skin vaccination is performed using an existing syringe, it is often difficult for medical staff to find the right depth and angle, which is less painful than a muscle or subcutaneous injection, and better immune response can be obtained.

After the piston of Vax ID is used to deliver the antigen of the dose, the needle returns to the body of the device and cannot be reused.

This reduces the risk of a staff member being injured by a needle tie and prevents doctors from spreading the disease from one patient to another.

Biodegradable Fishing net system

The additives added to the Internet caused it to start splitting after four years to solve the problem of the abandoned 'ghost network' that poses a threat to the marine environment.

Remora also integrates RFID (radio-

Frequency recognition)tags.

These are scanned when the network is retrieved, so that fishermen can get instant reports from the relevant application about whether the parts have been torn off.

This tells them if they need to search the ocean around them to find the missing part.

Five levels of LEDlit, water-and-nutrient-

Feeding containers that provide methods for growing vegetables and fruits at home or at school.

The wires and hoses are hidden inside the device in order to be visually pleasing so that it can be ignored in the field of view.

Owners have the option to combine the different parts of the home water ploughing system to accommodate how much space they have and the number of products they want to plant.

The designers believe that tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and herbs are part of fresh produce, and they may grow at three times the rate of outdoor soil.

Connecting the feeding tube to the system on the patient's face without tape may be a stimulus.

Nutria also uses Hertz radiation microchips to show the exact location of the tube inside the human body on a smartphone app.

If the patient is asked to use the instrument's nurse or doctor for a scan each time, then the software can be used to highlight whether there is a doctor who usually does not install the tube properly.

 skin printer and bee health-checker win Dyson awards

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