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A sneak peek at Concordia's newly renovated Webster Library

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

There is no new library at Concordia University, but it has the best library.

Its main library Webster Library has experienced a complete headto-

Toe remodeling, three. year $37-

The final millions of renovations will be officially unveiled on Friday morning.

The Library took over the first floor of area J. W.

The McConnell building is located south of the hall building on northumneve Avenue. W.

Now, it occupies 4 of the 10 floors of the building, with 3,300 seats, an increase from the 1,300 seats before the renovation.

9 large reading rooms, 19 collective study rooms, about 1 million

Copies (including books, CDs, vinyl LPs) and 1.

5 million titles including all electronic materials.

There are 21 kilometers of books.

The library has 120 employees, including 40 librarians.

Originally opened in 1992, there were only 25,000 students in Concordia.

Today, it has 48,000 students.

'It's a beautiful space, a happy space,' Guylaine Beaudry said . '

Dean of digital strategy and university librarian.

'It doesn't cost more to bring beauty to public places.

'The newly improved Webster Library has three of the most interesting features that are open to the public, but the materials are only loaned to employees and students.

'When we started this project in 2011, it was a bit against this trend,' Beaudry said of nine rooms each with 150 seats.

'In most of the other academic libraries that are undergoing major renovations, it's more of an open, noisy, interactive space.

But what we hear from the students is that they need more quiet space.

So we decided to give them some open space where we could talk, interact and collaborate, but 75 of our seats were in a quiet place.

In these reading rooms, we have computers and separate seats with separate work lights.

This includes a 31-foot-by-six-foot multi-

Touch the digital wall.

Artists can do digital projects on the wall.

team of one student and two alumni is currently working on a creative project on the wall, called the deformation.

The studio is also virtual.

Reality headset and virtual reality

Compatible with computers.

It also features an immersive sound system with eight speakers and four channels.

'It's a big wall of 27 large interactive screens, and we're doing the visualization there,' said Beaudry . '.

'It could be video games.

It's probably artistic.

This could be a very high resolution piece of art . . . . . . By scaling, scaling, you can see details that are not possible on a very small screen.

We can use this device for geospatial data.

Google Earth, for example, is absolutely amazing to see on this type of screen. 鈥漈his inter-

The technology center, which has been open for a year, has 3D printing operations, virtual

Realistic ability and robot.

You can edit videos on a desktop computer equipped with complete Adobe software and make music on the synthesizer.

Anyone can play with VR headphones, but a warning is written on the bulletin board: 'Don't start with zombies.

'Virtual reality is more immersive than people think,' said Jasia Stuart, who is in charge of the sandbox . '.

'It feels very real.

Some people have panic attacks.

So, we have something that we suggest people start.

There are games where zombies will jump out and eat your brain (which is shocking to some ).

'It's a space and we want to have our students have access to tools and devices so they can express themselves in the digital culture,' said Beaudry . '.

'This is a place where we don't want only engineers and science students to go.

But our human society

And science students.

It is so beautiful to see students from different disciplines working together in this space.

 sneak peek at Concordia

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