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A soft tubular model reactor based on the bionics

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Traditional reactors in industry are usually made of rigid materials.

The container wall is not actively involved in mixing and reaction.

Here, the method of manufacturing new hose reactors by simulating the structure and physiological processes of animal or human large intestine is presented.

The reactor is made of silicone rubber and has good toughness but is flexible.

creep process was introduced externally and the mixing of viscous materials in a soft reactor was studied.

-Degree of Starch Hydrolysis

The properties of the enzyme under the action of creep were studied.

Experimental data show that in the reactor, the kinetic process effectively mixes the viscous substance and promotes the hydrolysis of starch.

The mixing effect can be adjusted from the oscillation frequency and the oscillation amplitude.

The degree of Starch Hydrolysis in the soft reactor was measured and compared with the stirred tank reactor.

 soft tubular model reactor based on the bionics of a small intestine – starch hydrolysis

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