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A test for 3D printer technology: the plastic gun

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
The film, known as \"the world\'s first gun made with 3D printer technology,\" premiered on the BBC on Monday, showing that, in addition to a small metal needle, the weapon was made entirely of plastic parts, these plastic parts are made from machines purchased on EBay. As L. A.
According to domestic reports in January, 3D printer technology, good or bad, is moving towards the mass market.
While our solidocomo 2 comments show some low
The cost model is not ready for prime time, and can now buy an amazing number of 3D printers for a fraction of the $8,000 it is known as a machine that makes guns. The 3D-
BBC science correspondent Rebecca Morrell says Cody Wilson, the maker of printing guns, is 25. year-
An old law student at the University of Texas. His gun --
Made of ABS, similar to plastic that makes Lego toys-
Standard bullets can be fired using swap barrels.
\"I saw a world where technology says you can have almost anything you want,\" Wilson said in an interview . \" The BBC says this is the first time a gun has been tested.
\"Don\'t you worry about people who will use this technology?
Reporter Morrell asked, and Wilson replied, \"I know this tool may be used to hurt others.
That\'s it. It\'s a gun.
But, I don\'t think that\'s the reason for not doing this or for not putting it outside.
I think freedom is ultimately a better interest.
\"The BBC report appears to have been made before an article by Forbes on Friday and a video clip released by Forbes on Sunday, which Forbes says is based on the first Test
No matter who is the first one, the response to the report is rich, there are strong protests and some yawns.
Boing announced, among other things, that Wilson\'s gun was \"not [\"yet]a game-
Mainly because traditional guns are cheap and easy to buy.
Although Wilson said his intention was to release his design in order to replicate the gun parts, at least one forum that shared the 3D design quickly closed the door.
Thingiverse is a popular idea exchange website where users can post their designs for others to download and it tells the Times that its terms of service will prevent Wilson from sharing
A Thingiverse spokeswoman said that users of the site must agree not to upload, transmit, display or distribute any content that \"promotes illegal activities or contributes to the manufacture of weapons.
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