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A Vermont college is building a tiny house to

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07


recent celebration marked

Norwich University students completed a small house, a solution that helps prevent homelessness and mental illness.

In the past, those with mental health problems experienced a shortage of affordable housing or difficulties in integrating into the public housing or apartment environment.

Access to the elevator room, 280-square-foot, energy-

This is an efficient home for a homeless person with mental health problems.

The students named the project the elevator room and thought that the concept and structure itself could help people get out of trouble.

The project is a collaboration between students at Norwich University who built the house;

The Department of Mental Health will provide housing vouchers for occupants;

Washington County Mental Health Service CenterWCMHS)

Support will be provided to tenants;

Creating Street housing and development for affordable housing projects;

Thomas Lawson, a property developer at barrebrook, offers land on barrebrook Street, where he will be home.

Vermont Housing and Conservation Council and TD Bank provide additional support, which recently provided $20,000 for affordable construction at Norwich University

Family building program.

Friday's celebration included a visit to the small house still under construction

The first of the two will be on Brook Street.

And honor the students and partners of the program.

'The cost of this building is much lower than the cost of trying to build a building --

' family home or an attempt to build a rental apartment,' says Irene Patil, executive director at Don Street . '.

'So, we're excited about that because we now need the choice of Vermont's affordable housing crisis.

'We are here, not to celebrate the end of the project, but to move towards a larger scope and scale for the first phase,' she added . '.

'We are very much looking forward to future cooperation.

Mary Morton, executive director of WCMHS, said: 'We recognize that there is a lot of pressure to do without housing . '.

So when it gets too much, life crashes.

The students performed very well in asking people about their special needs.

'So, when we look at the house, we talk about the need for more open space and the need for private space,' she added . '.

There is a larger opening in front of the house with a kitchen and a room with a sofa and table.

The roof slopes towards the back of the house, including a bathroom with a washer and dryer and a walk-

In the shower, as well as one bedroom, there is a Queen's room-

The bed and wardrobe are big.

Energy efficiency is a key part of the project, with compact construction and cellulose-

Insulation wall, three floors

Glass window, and a high

Efficient heat pump and ventilation system.

The installation of solar panels will make the construction Network --

Zero energy efficiency.

Peltier says it will cost about $75,000 to build a prototype, but with improvements in design, materials and construction technology, it is hoped that costs will drop.

21-year-old Michael Menn applied for several universities in Moscow, but later arrived at NU after receiving a construction scholarship.

I'm part of the media team, says Menn.

'We have a website, we have an Instagram account, and photography and camera, and I have been helping with the construction as well.

Nathan Russell, 22, is a staff member in charge of interior design and frame design.

'Last semester, we did a lot of research on design and even looked around the world and we found that small houses are very good solutions, especially small family villages,' Russell said . '.

'Then, we accepted this and in order to carry out this project in a climate like Vermont, we need to make high

Energy performance works with a large number of insulation materials.

'The 22-year-old senior Jordan Kakul is from Syracuse, New York. Y.

, Responsible for the staff of the side board. ‘‘The energy-

'It's very interesting in terms of efficiency because it's something we might need to focus more on architecture in the future,' Kacur said . '.

Lawson believes that expanding production may create a new industry for Vermont.

'Where do we start brainstorming and want to build them? ’’ Lauzon said.

'Where can we create a small factory where we can produce four or five such factories a week very effectively and reduce costs --

Not quality-even more?

'If the whole idea is to provide people with a more affordable alternative housing arrangement, obviously the bigger you are, the better.

' lot of people want to scale down and want a smaller residential unit,' he added . '.

The first house is expected to be installed on Brook Street in the summer.

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 Vermont college is building a tiny house to help the homeless

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