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Ability to print guns 'critical issue' for law

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

With domestic disputes in the United StatesS.

Downloadable blueprint for 3D

Printedgun, Canada's Minister of Public Safety, said the technology was a 'critical issue' and attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies around the world.

Public Security Minister RalphGoodalesaid told reporters in Regina that the local police force, thermp, their counterparts in the United StatesS.

Interpol is upset about the possibility of 'copying weapons --

Probably means creating a 3D print

'It will hurt others.

'His comment was in the United States recently. S.

Decided to resolve a case and allow Texans to make chemicals for 3d

Download the printed plastic gun online from Wednesday-though a U. S.

The federal judge temporarily blocked the release hours before the plan was released. 3D-

Firearmsould can reshape your image. S. gun controlU. S.

3D judgment block release

Print a gun blueprint using a computer-

3-generation model

3D objects, 3D printers create objects by depositing thin sheets of materials such as plastic, metal, or ceramics, and building objects layer by layer. Earlier, Jean-

In an email statement, Canadian Public Safety spokesman Philip pelavit said the government was 'paying close attention to 3d-

Printing guns that do not change the law.

'Subject to guns, ActHe warns that Canadians considering making their own 3d plastic fire guns will be subject to the same gun laws in current books, which makes it legal to make or own guns

'All firearms are subject to the Firearms Act, the Criminal Code and its relevant regulations, regardless of the method of manufacture,' said Levert . '.

Printing something impossible: How 3D printing breaks new fields

The printed gunshas took the lead after the United StatesS.

The State Department has decided to solve the problem for a year.

long legal battle with Cody Wilson

Description 'encryption-

Austin's 'anarchy,' he started releasing a 3d schematic

On 2013, printedfirearm named defense was released on his website.

The designs were downloaded about 100,000 times until the State Department ordered him to stop, claiming that he had violated federal export laws because some blueprints were downloaded by people outside the United States.

The State Department changed the course at the end of June and agreed to allow Wilson to post the blueprint from August. 1.

But on Tuesday, Seattle-

Federal-based judges issued an interim restraining order to prevent the release of these plans, saying it was possible to 'cause irreparable harm due to the way these guns are manufactured '.

'Blue prints have attracted the attention of some Americans. S.

Legislators and guns

Control advocates who are afraid of this latest development allow for faster and easier access to weapons and will result in weapons that cannot be detected and tracked by metal detectors because they do not have serial numbers.

'The blood on their hands': Critics condemn the United StatesS.

Decided to allow3D-

Solomon Friedman of Ottawa says individuals in Canada are allowed to make personal uses of fire fighting forces that are not resold and they are licensed to own

Lawyers specializing in gun rights.

There are three types of guns in Canada: non

Restrictions, restrictions and prohibitions.

Restricted Weapons to owna-

Including a pistol or rifle, restricted for various reasons such as AR-15—

Individuals need to hold a permit to restrict firearms in the first place.

If they make their own restricted weapon, Friedman says, it must register immediately after it works.

He said that the owner of the gun must contact the chief firearms officer in the province to obtain a serial number that is verified and registered in the name of the owner of the gun.

He said the people who make 3d guns will be subject to the same laws.

Homemade guns are earlier than 3d printers, says Solomon. 'Enthusiasts may have been making guns in Canada for a long time, as long as they have been making guns elsewhere,' he said . '.

'This long predates3D polymer printer. 'Although gun-

American advocate of controlS.

The Canadian Firearms Control Coalition said that they expressed concern about these weapons and that consultations are currently under way on this issue, but did not put forward a position on this issue.

Compared with guns smuggled from the United States, the number of illegal guns from Canada has surged

Is the liberal 'common sense' gun law change going to do something about addressing the surge in gun violence?

However, Tony Bernardo, executive director of the Canadian shooting Movement Association, denied the dispute over the use of weapons.

'There is no market in Canada for this,' he said . '.

'Every gun club in Canada, every shooter in our association --

We are the largest association in Canada with 33,000 members.

I have heard of zero [interest].

'Everyone looked at it and said, 'I won't fire it.

Bernardo responded to what other industry experts have said: the printed weapons are inaccurate and criminals won't bother buying plastic guns because the printers needed to make plastic guns are relatively expensive and traditional guns are easy to find.

'Why would a criminal go out and buy this bulky behemoth?

'When their entire ocean crosses the other side of the border, the shotgun,' Bernardo said . '.

Photo 3D: printing future 3D printing helps to give girls a new look different from traditional guns, 3D-

Some experts say the printed guns usually last only a few rounds before the shelves.

They do not allow magazines carrying the usual 9 or 15 rounds;

Instead, they usually hold one or two bullets and then have to reload manually.

'You're not talking about making real guns,' Bernardo said . '.

'What you're talking about is doing something that could be five shots without an explosion in your hand.

'With The Associated Press.

Ability to print guns

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