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abraham lincoln: the enduring images

by:Tuowei     2019-08-31
On April 14, 1865, when John Wilks Booth climbed into the presidential box at the Ford Theater and shot Abraham Lincoln, he effortlessly recognized the man who had come to kill.
Thanks to photography-
The technology was still in its infancy at the time, but since then it will be the dominant way for all politicians to show themselves.
\"Lincoln was the first president to be born in the age of photography,\" said Paul treenot, director of the Ford Theater in Washington.
\"He knows the importance of photography very well.
But, unlike our public figure today, his hairstyle is $700 and the suit is the right one, and I don\'t think Lincoln cares about that.
He was well aware of his shortcomings in the appearance department and he did not shy away from that.
In February 27, 1860, Lincoln gave a speech to a large audience in New York. he was shot by Matthew Brady.
A pioneer in American photography.
Brady pulled Lincoln\'s collar to improve his appearance, which was then reproduced in newspapers and magazines.
\"This photo proves that Lincoln is not a country or a country, but a calm, respectable and powerful intellectual who may become president.
Lincoln said the picture made him president.
Brady and his colleague Alexander Gardner have taken pictures of Lincoln many times and their pictures continue today.
But the two weird life masks have also shaped the modern idea of 16 presidents.
Sculptor Leonard Volcker created the first mask in 1860 as a model of the Lincoln bust image.
Lincoln has just won the election. he is very energetic and energetic.
But two months before Lincoln\'s assassination, another sculptor, Clark Mills, showed a very different person in the second mask that was made in February 1865.
The civil war is coming to an end, and the great damage caused by the four-year conflict is engraved on Lincoln\'s rough face.
His eyes were sunken, his hair line had receded, and he grew his beard, which also made him look older.
\"He looks tired,\" Ward said . \"
\"In fact, because he looks tired, people often think that the second one is a death mask.
\"Lincoln himself did not think he would spend his second term because of the decline in strength.
The mask is the most vivid record of how he gets older.
They are also the closest we are to face Lincoln today.
\"The Mask of life is personal because it actually touches Lincoln\'s skin,\" Ward said . \".
\"You have an almost ghostly presidential relic, and the plaster on his face has been painted for half an hour in February 1865.
A little weird.
\"When the Lincoln mask was made, the life mask was quickly out of date.
They are very popular in the United States and are the best way to spread people\'s realistic portraits --
Especially politicians who don\'t have photography, there\'s no other way for people to recognize them.
In a society that focuses on building a new country and has little time to enjoy artistic luxury, painting is considered too subjective and a bit decadent.
But two centuries later, the mask of life
Or something like that.
May be back.
Barack Obama is the first president to digitally scan and print his photos to make the same 3D portrait.
\"It\'s really modern, it\'s equivalent to the plaster model on Lincoln\'s face,\" said Gunter Weibo, director of the Smithsonian Digital program . \". \"[Life masks]
Is the best way to create an accurate representation at that time.
This is the best way today.
But the ultimate goal is the same.
Can we create a straight line that goes straight to the moment of history?
I think both methods have implemented this.
\"There is also a link.
When technicians scan Lincoln\'s living mask to create a 3D print output and make the object more accessible online, the idea of a 3D portrait of the president appears.
\"We thought, what would happen if we were able to update the process with modern technology and do so with the current president?
That\'s what we did to President Obama . \"
The process is far more difficult than wrapping in plaster.
Sitting on the White House mobile lights, President Obama\'s flashing lights and cameras capture high-resolution data on his face.
In just a few seconds, enough information is collected to create a precise three-
Similar size.
As the first black president of the United States, Barack Obama is probably the easiest to recognize --
Except Abraham Lincoln.
Paul treenot says Lincoln is second only to Jesus Christ in the number of books about him.
Lincoln\'s image is still being reshaped.
Explain and analyze.
Even the life mask of the National Portrait Gallery is 1917 renderings of the Volk 1860 crew, kept at the National Museum of American History in Washington.
\"People want to try to understand who this person is?
Who is this man who has united this country entirely by his own strength?
Said trenaut.
\"We all found some connection with him, which is why I think the image of Lincoln will last forever.
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