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Accessible maps for the blind: comparing 3D printed

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Tactile maps are widely used for orientation and movement (O&M)

Training for people with blindness and severe visual impairment.

Commodity 3D printers now offer an alternative way to show accessible graphics, but it is not clear if the 3D model has an advantage over the tactile equivalents of 2D graphics, such as maps.

In a controlled study with 16 touch readers, we found that 3D models are preferred and can use icons that are easier to understand, facilitating better short-term recall, and allows for easier understanding of the relative height of the map elements.

The analysis of the movement of the opponent Department reveals the use of the system to scan the 3D model and obtain a new strategy outlined by the map.

Finally, we explored how to enhance 3D printed maps with interactive audio tags, replacing the less practical Braille tags.

Our findings show that 3D printed maps do provide an advantage for operation and maintenance training.

Accessible maps for the blind: comparing 3D printed models with tactile graphics

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