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accuron medtech plans to create incubator with

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Accuron Technology Group (AMT)

Officially opened a new technology center in Singapore, dedicated to promoting the synergy of corporate portfolios and accelerating the commercialisation of healthcare enterprises in Southeast Asia to help them enter the global market.

22,000 square meters

Foot building is located in Tuas, next to the global headquarters of AMT.

Existing facilities will support AMT portfolio companies with R & D and manufacturing capabilities such as rapid prototyping, turnkey manufacturing, clean room manufacturing and assembly, 3D printing and medical device disinfection, as well as business activities such as R & D, finance, human resources and business development.

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Headquartered on the lending platform Helicap, which raised $5 m for aawak Technologies in Indonesia, is a portfolio company that moves operations to the center.

This is a medical technology company focused on dialysis, using End regeneration technology

Staging of kidney disease

'The technology center enables us to accelerate our future plans for identifying and nurturing high-tech technologies

Quality category-

Disruptive Technologies in Singapore and South Korea

Abel Ang, chief executive of Accuron MedTech Group, said.

Please also read: 7 Health technology trends shape the industry today, in order to better tomorrow, accuron MedTech's investment company will have the opportunity to reach the senior management team of Accuron MedTech, which has more than 100 years of expertise in the international healthcare industry, bringing medical innovation from the conceptual stage to global commercialisation.

Over the past four years, Accuron MedTech has completed more than 10 strategic transactions, including investments in kidney companies AWAK Technologies and Advent Access, as well as Nasdaq-

Aslan pharmaceutical listed.

Earlier in 2018, Accuron MedTech announced the joint

Invest $20 million in seed capital with Singapore's corporate investment sector to identify and promote high-tech growth

Singapore-based start-ups. —-

Accuron Medtech plans to create an incubator, with the launch of its Singapore Technology Center on e27 for the first time.

accuron medtech plans to create incubator with launch of its singapore tech centre

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