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activists voice concerns over the dangers of 3d gun templates being available online

by:Tuowei     2019-08-21
A template detailing how to make a 3D gun will be downloaded in the U. gun activists.
After trying to prevent the company from failing to do so, Distributed will post instructions on their website on Wednesday.
People can use blueprints to make plastic guns using 3D printers.
Gun control activists have talked about the dangers that could be posed by templates.
Adam skagus, chief legal counsel at Gifford\'s legal center for gun violence prevention, said: \"This is not an argument about freedom of speech.
\"It boils down to whether we want people who will never pass the background check to be able to download the deadly 3d print gun by clicking the mouse.
Nick Suplina, general manager of Gun safety law and policy at Gun town, said: \"The release of downloadable, non-traceable guns will undermine US Gun laws and put the public at risk, making it more difficult for law enforcement agencies to address crime.
\"On July 26, the Brady movement, the Gifford Legal Center and the Federal Court of Texas demanded a stop from the decision to allow the company to publish gun templates online, but the judge chose not to step in.
Mr. Skaggs said to the decision: \"While we are disappointed by this ruling in violation of public safety, we are committed to continuing this fight.
\"This battle continues, and our work continues.
We will not take a break or accept this threat to our streets, schools and communities.
\"We stand together and will stop this danger through various means.
\"Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distribution, first released a 3D downloadable design
Printing Guns in 2013.
It was downloaded about 100,000 times until the State Department ordered him to stop, claiming that it violated federal export laws because some blueprints were downloaded by people outside the United States.
The State Department changed the course at the end of June and agreed to allow Wilson to continue posting the blueprint.
The documents were released on Friday.
Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump appeared to have spoken on the matter on Tuesday.
He wrote on Twitter: \"I\'m looking into 3-
Sell plastic guns to the public.
Already talked to NRA and it doesn\'t seem to make much sense!
Trump spoke after eight states filed a lawsuit against the government, claimingto-
The launch of plastic weapons with live ammunition is a good thing for terrorists and criminals and threatens public safety.
A lawsuit filed in Seattle on Monday asked the judge to stop the federal government later.
In June, a settlement was reached with Defense Distributed, which enabled the company to provide these plans online.
The lawsuits were attended by the attorney general of the Democratic Party of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Maryland, New York and Colombia.
In addition, the attorney general of 21 states on Monday urged Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Attorney General Jeff seesens to withdraw from the settlement and distributed defense material saying it \"created an imminent threat to public safety
On Sunday, defense lawyers filed their own lawsuit in Texas, claiming it was the victim of an \"ideological-fueled intimidation and harassment program\" that violated the company\'s First Amendment rights.
But after state officials traveled to the Philadelphia federal court on Sunday to seek an emergency order, it did agree to temporarily prevent Penn residents from downloading the plans.
The company said it also blocked users in New Jersey and Los Angeles.
The standard has been linked to distributed defense.
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