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Additive Manufacturing Labs And Spaces Continue

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

As I shared in my post: 3D printer industry revenue surged by more than $7 billion, the 3D printing industry hit a record revenue in 2017.

The direct revenue in the industry is considerable, but it is also worth seeing how many organizations and educational institutions have added 3D-

Related aspects of their projects and institutions.

In the link post above, I quote the Wohlers 2018 report: 'The AM industry, which consists of all AM products and services worldwide, has grown by 21% to $7. 336 billion.

In contrast, growth in 2017 was 17.

When the industry reached $6 in 2016, it grew by 4%.

63 billion, 25.

Growth of 9% in 2015 . . . . . . The industry is estimated at $7.

The 336 billion does not include in-house investments by Airbus, Adidas, Ford, Toyota, Stryker and hundreds of other large and small companies.

An amazing number of $1-

5 billion companies-many of which are unfamiliar to most of us-are investing in am r & D (

R & D).

Note: Wohlers Associates released its annual report in early April, so I am relatively confident that 2018 of revenue will continue to show positive signs (

Growth, expansion, acquisition).

As the report shared, we rarely hear that some companies are doing 3D work.

I would like to know if this is the same in education and government entities.

When a new book appears in my inbox and talks about how community colleges are innovating with the use of maker spaces, incubators, and ways to get students thinking about starting a business, I realize, I should have a deeper understanding of how many places in the world are investing time and money in research and building capabilities in additive manufacturing.

The 3D printing industry recently published an article: 40 3D printing experts gave predictions about additive manufacturing in 2019, which inspired me to continue my research.

Among them, Simon Fried, president of American nano-size company

He said, 'at the forefront, ongoing funding for 3D printing research is leading to exciting new approaches such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, UTEP, and frauenhoff, as well as new and old companies.

'There are many schools and organizations that build additive manufacturing laboratories of all shapes and sizes.

There are only a few here: I have been all over the United States and visited 3D printing projects and government agencies in many countries, but I am still eager to go overseas to study and report on innovation projects in Singapore and its National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC)

German alliance for the manufacture of freuenhoff additives.

As the 3D printing industry grows and revenues increase, more and more funding is devoted to expanding our understanding of how 3D technology provides elegant solutions to some of our most pressing problems.

Seeing the university and the government's international work on 3D printing gives me hope.

Additive Manufacturing Labs And Spaces Continue To Grow Worldwide

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