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Adelaide pair bring hologram dream to life with

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

This is the scene of the entire Star Wars series.

On R2, a holographic photo of Princess Leia appeared.

The famous lines of D2 and utters 'help me, Obi-

Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.

'After Gavin Smith and Will Tamblyn invented their 3D technology over the past five years, they are now close to putting it into practice.

'We are all crazy inventors and have always been interested in making things out of rubbish filled with our cabin,' said Mr Smith, 41, Belair . '. says.

'After a few beers we decided to do something totally cool, something that doesn't exist --

Like the holographic Princess Leia projector we saw in Star Wars.

'Of course, we all think it's impossible because it doesn't exist anymore, but we decided to give it a try.

'The couple just joined forces with three similar people.

Thoughtful Americans will set up the company Voxon, which will produce their 'Voxiebox '.

Voxiebox will produce a 3D display by projecting millions of light spots onto a very fast rotating or oscillating screen, visible from 360 degrees.

'After years of building, painting, welding, exploding, drinking beer and spinning carved yams on electric drills, laser pointing at them, we find ourselves in a very exciting moment, mr. Smith said.

Mr. Tamblyn, 35, a software engineer from Parkside, said that the 'most obvious' app is a game that could reshape classic arcade and board games in 3D

Voxiebox can also be used for educational displays in museums and universities.

The couple are completing their patent application this week, hoping to present the latest prototype at Faire, a mini-manufacturer at Adelaide Fab Labs this Saturday.

The existing similar devices are too big, expensive, or can only produce low-resolution displays, Smith said.

'There has never been a consumer-grade version that could compete with TV or XBox,' he said . '.

'We have established partnerships with several game developers and have reached (NDA) with several leading technology companies, giving us the privilege to acquire future technologies that have not yet been made public.

'The two learned skills such as 3D printing and micro welding at the Fab Lab in Light Square.

'We spent four years in the shed trying to achieve our goal within two weeks of the Fab Lab opening,' Mr. Smith said . '.

'It's not only a great place to learn new technologies for making things, it's also a great place to meet other people and share ideas.

'Access to funding is critical.

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